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    Straight Female / 23

    None of my friends have any idea how much of a disgusting slut I am.

    Even when I feel like I can open up with someone about what I like during sex, unless they're gonna indulge me, the most I feel comfortable saying is that I love sucking/worshipping cock. But that doesn't fully articulate it.

    I love burying my face between a guy's legs, licking and sucking his cock, his balls, his taint, rubbing it all over my face, and I love it even more if he's doing the rubbing. I love eating ass, I love shoving my face between a guy's ass cheeks, tonguing his ass. Having a guy sit on my face, grind all of his business all over my face is just pure heaven to me.

    And if that doesn't sound bad enough, I don't just like doing this for hot guys, or like clean shaven guys. Honestly, I love it even more with guys other people would consider gross. Big hairy guys, sweaty guys, fat guys.

    I try to be normal, I usually have sex like most people do, I try not to go too crazy when I'm sucking a guy off, but deep down any time I'm with a guy I want him to scrub his sweaty junk with my face and mouth like I'm a fucking loofa, or sit on my face and jerk off while I slip into a goddamn nirvana of hairy ass cheeks and the smell and taste of anus.

    And it's so bad, I think about every guy I come across like this, I think about what it'd be like if that guy walking down the street just grabbed me and shoved his balls in my mouth, or what it would be like if this guy at the gym decided to use my face as the seat of the stationary bike. Chances are if I'm having a conversation with you in person I'm probably imagining what your ass tastes like right now. Just seeing guys drenched in sweat makes me wet, which in hind sight is probably why I still go to the gym.

    I pray for an end to my torment. Either to get rid of this unholy desire for sweaty, hairy, man business or to send me more men who will indulge me and won't duck the instant I try delicately to suggest that I'd like to "try" eating ass "for the first time".

    For the record though no, I've seen other confessions on here where people try to get in contact with each other, and if I wanted that I wouldn't be posting anonymously. I just want to vent, so don't bother asking me to email you or anything, please?

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    Pretty hot and sexy, until you mentioned fat ugly sweaty men. My ex wife was like you, except for the fat ugly sweaty guys. What you described was exactly the way she would act when she got down there. She absolutely LOVES oral sex, including oral anal. She was insatiable. Given the chance, she would probably let a bunch of guys gangbang her face.

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