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    Straight Female / 35

    I am married with an very nice guy for past 10 years , my husband is a devote Catholic and very caring type , since my upbringing too was in a strict Catholic family I couldn`t dare to have adventurous sex life while in collage though I did have sex with couple of guys but neither of them were up to my expectations , I use to fantasize a lot about wild sex { still do }, sex with husband is basic , orals is non-existent , most of the time sex is in missionary position

    My husband's best friend is Frank, he`s typical character from Mills & Boons books, tall, dark and handsome ,his wife Rita is equally attractive , Frank and I get along very well , he confided me with his sexual escapades , naughty & wild things he did , at the same time he did maintain decorum.

    A month ago my husband was out of town for work , Frank dropped by in the evening { he always comes unannounced } I am not much of bourbon lover but Frank is , after couple of rounds Frank bought up his favourite topic which happens to be Sex & Intimacy , shared with me his favourite positions and its benefits, he asked me if I was ever Rimmed ? my cheeks turned redder than ripe tomatoes , I candidly replied that forget rimming , my husband seldom licked my pussy , in spite knowing the fact that my husband was just into basic sex, he explicitly described the whole rimming process, I was blushing all the time and imaginations were running a riot in my mind , I confessed him that my husband would never do it but I would love it if he ever rims me

    Frank looked straight in my eyes and asked me if I would let him rim me , I was kind of shocked but at the same time I was wet down South by his explicit descriptions, yet I weakly said no, Frank was persistent asking me to allow him to rim for just 5 minutes , he promised me that he will just rim me and nothing else , I was already weak and got more weaker , Frank sensed it, he asked me to be on my all 4`s, I don`t know what got into me , I complied

    I was wearing a gown, he threw it up and pulled down my panties , blood was rushing in my head, I felt his hands parting my butt cheeks , I shivered the moment tip of his hard tongue touched my anus, he began to push his tongue in my anus, my was all tensed and my fists clenched , he was trying to push his tongue deeper in my anus, the sensations were sinfully delicious , I began to squirm, pushed myself back to his face, he spread my butt cheeks wider, his tongue was lashing over my anus , it was pure joy which I was deprived for so long, from below I began to rub my clit while my anus was being devoured , huge orgasm was building in me as Frank was passionately eating and licking my anus, with a muffled cry I orgasmed hard while Frank kept his mouth glued over my anus, we laid still for few minutes, I thanked Frank for this newfound joy

    After he left, I was all happy, no regret as nothing is going to change between my husband and me ,In past 30 days I invited Frank thrice and he did oblige my anus.

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    I love to eat ass. My wife had never had it until I did it for her. Now she wants it every time we have sex. I love to check out women's ass's when I'm out and about, and imagine how sweet it would be to shove my tongue up her ass. My wife knows and understands. I've done it with most of the women I've been with in my past. All of them absolutely loved it.
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    There's no difference between a tongue up your butt or a tool in your vagina. Give
    Frank and his cock (not to mention you) a break and go for it.

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