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    My somewhat true confession about my wife.

    My wife was a friend of my housemate, she came up for a fun time on New Years Eve. My housemate had claimed she was his girlfriend, actually he was gay and was using her to play straight. The night before she got drunk and was making out with all my housemate's gay friends. Unfortunately, she got too drunk and started passing out. I got her up to my housemate's bed and tucked her in. After a few hours my housemate and one of his friends went to bed.
    I figured they were Bi and she was having a good MMF.
    We went out for New Years Eve, before leaving she was making out with a few of the guys. We danced once before she asked if I ever had a blow job in the bathroom.
    We went into the girls bathroom and she gave me an awesome BJ. It was clear she had a lot of practice. After that I really wanted to fuck her.
    I took her home and slowly fucked the hell out of her, I was still thinking my housemate was Bi and she was his girlfriend. So I asked, "What about him?" After all he should join, it would only be polite. She told me he was full on gay. Since I'd rather do her we fucked some more.
    I could hear all the guys coming back from the bar, and we were a bit thirsty, so we went downstairs for some Champagne. She wore her nightgown which had a see through top. Her DDs were on full display for the world.
    My best friend couldn't help but notice, and he was staring intently at them. I couldn't help but feel proud showing her off. I noticed she was liking the attention. That got me horny as hell. I thought about doing her right there, and asking if she wanted anyone to join. A nice little gang-bang to celebrate the new year.
    I chickened out of asking her, and we went upstairs to my room and I tied her up and fucked the hell out of her. While I had her tied up, I was thinking of asking all my friends to come up and take turns. That made me come hard. I thought about asking her but she was so hot I wanted more.
    She tried to blow me but the taste of the lube from the condom was still on me, so she said she'd get some soap from the downstairs bathroom.
    She took forever getting the soap. When she got back she did suck me for awhile, then we had sex again.
    In the morning, I smelled coffee so I went and got us both a cup. My best friend told me that she gave him a blowjob when she went down to get the soap. This turned me on incredibly. As we sat on my bed and drank our coffee, all could think of was her having his dick in her mouth. I would have loved to gone down and caught them and do her while she was sucking him.
    Halfway through my coffee I couldn't take it anymore and had to have sex, I didn't take it slow, I really fucked her hard. I had never been turned on so much in my life.
    After I thought about telling her how her blowing him turned me on, and if she came up again I would love it if she slept with me and did who ever else she wanted. Unfortunately, I chickened out. Our life would have been quite different if I had said that.
    That afternoon I got my straight housemate to give her a ride to where she would meet her brother in law (who she was fucking) so she could go back home.
    A couple of weeks later she came back up. We had a lot of sex. She did mention how her brother in law loved getting waken up with a blow job. Her talking about sex with other guys got me horny as hell. She also mentioned how she gave a blow job to one of the other guys she lived with.
    She came up to visit me a few more times while fucking her brother in-law, it became clear when she was with me, she was all mine. It was a trade off of emotions, I missed her sleeping around on me, but loved the fact my cock had tamed her. Yeah, she was great to talk to when we weren't fucking.
    She moved out of the place with her brother in-law and would come up to see me every other weekend. Those visits were all I could think of.
    On one of those visits a friend of mine was on leave from the Marines. When he saw her he said, "I'm glad I'm sleeping on the couch, I've heard what happens."
    She blushed and laughed, but did look him over. I had to go out shopping and she said she wanted to stay at the house with the guys while I got groceries.
    I don't really think anything happened while I was out, but my mind went crazy. I went through the supermarket with a raging hard-on. All I could think about was all her having a blow bang with my two friends and my housemate. Her doing one of them doggie style while taking turns having them cum in her mouth. I was sort of hoping come back and join in.
    When I got home she was sleeping in my bed, so I woke her up and fucked her hard. Kissing her trying to see if she had any cum in her mouth. Unfortunately, I didn't taste anything.
    It was shortly after that that I asked her to move in with me.
    I'll confess more if I get a response. The next ten years we had some real sexual adventures.

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    Here's a response now post more you dirty bastard
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    Thanks, we did get kinkier after marriage.

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