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    My cousin Holly has been separated for around six months. It has been difficult for her as her husband has been dating different women and Holly still hopes she can make the marriage work. Last night I took Hooly out to eat and to have a few beers. While we were eating and talking, the discussion of sex occurred. There was a lot of talk, but two things in particular are important. First, Holly mentioned she was horny as she hasn't been with a guy for a long time. Second, we had a discussion about anal sex. While talking about anal, I mentioned that girlfriends before and my wife now are not willing to do it. Holly couldn't believe that I have never, her words, stuck my dick up a girl's ass. She told me that I should try it, but I reverted back to my wife won't do it. She told that I need to find someone else then. When I said that would be cheating, Holly said anal isn't cheating, it is just anal and not a big deal. The subject was changed and we continued talking. But, I couldn't get the anal out of my mind. So, I came back to the topic and asked if she has had anal. She emphatically said yes. Holly said she actually enjoys it once in a while. Holly could see where I was headed with this topic. When here was an awkward pause by me, Holly looked at me and asked, you are wanting to see if I would let you fuck me up the ass. My head dropped and initially I told her no then looked at her and grinned. To my surprise, she said sure.

    Holly got in my vehicle and we drove to her house. Hardly a word was spoken. Into the house and into her bedroom we went. She told me to get undressed and get it hard. She was going to take a quick shower and would be back out. Holly walked out of the shower with a tight T-shirt that stopped short of her pussy, leaving it and her ass exposed. She has large tits and her nipples were poking through her shirt. This would make any guy hard, but I was nervous. First of all, this was my cousin. The next problem was that I felt like I was cheating. I was standing there nude with my hands covering my cock. Holly walked to her nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube and told me to put it on heavy. She climbed up on the bed and and got on all fours and told me to go ahead. I froze and asked if she would get me hard. Holly spun around and said you can't get hard. She moved my hands and told me that I was going to have to do it myself. But, I asked for her help again. She said I'm not touching my cousin's cock. To which I replied, you will let your cousin slide his cock in your ass, but you won't jack him off. She said it was different and I began arguing when she simply said ok. Holly was sitting on the edge of the bed and began stroking my cock. I was hard and leaned my head back and closed my eyes when Holly stopped and said you better not be thinking about cumming on me while I jack you off. She grabbed the lube and rubbed it on my cock. There was a towel and she wiped off her hands and got back on all fours and told me to start.

    There was no doubt, I was very very excited. I looked at Holly's pussy and wanted to slide my cock in there so bad, but knew she would be really really really mad, so I got behind her and slowly slid my cock into her ass. She moaned as it slid in. When I got it all the way in, I slowly went back out as she moaned. I had to stop and tell her to quit moaning or I will cum within seconds. Holly said she liked the feeling and would try to contain herself. I continued the slowly going in and out until Holly said you can fuck my ass hard if you want. I started to speed up a little then faster until I thought I was going to break her in half. It was going good until Holly began moaning and saying yes over and over. Once she started that, I came inside her quickly. With me still kneeling, Holly pulled her ass off my cock and grabbed the towel and wiped the lube off her ass. She laid down on the bed on her back looking at me. She wanted to know what I thought. I told her I loved it and it was a lot of fun. That is when Holly told me that she knew for sure that I was going to slide it into her pussy first. I told her that I thought she would get really mad and she said that she wouldn't have gotten mad at all.

    Holly was laying in front of me with her nipples about to break through her shirt and her pussy pointed toward me. I reached down and spread her legs. She asked what I was going to do and I told her that I was going to fuck her. She jumped up and said you had your chance and now that passed. We had a long discussion and she told me that she wasn't going to let me fuck her. I pointed out that she would have been ok with it earlier, but now she was just being difficult. Holly took me by the hand into the bathroom and over to the sink. She washed off my cock for me and dried it. I put on my clothes and Holly remained in that shirt.

    We walked to the door for me to leave and I thanked her for letting me have some fun. We were looking into one another's eyes when we began kissing. The kissing was very passionate. As we kissed, I ran my fingers down to her pussy and before I touched her, I stopped kissing her and asked if I could play with her pussy. She looked at me and said don't ask me that just fucking do it. I started rubbing her clit and burying a few fingers in her pussy. She was moaning and finally had an orgasm. She gave me a kiss and walked me outside to my vehicle. She was standing outside half nude and kissed me again when I got in my truck. She reached over and sucked the pussy juice from my fingers and said she better get rid of the evidence before my wife smelled her fingers. She kissed me again and I asked her if we could fuck. She looked at me and said maybe next time. With a sad face, I asked her maybe? She kissed me and said ok, next time you can fuck me.

    I don't know when next time is going to occur, but I hope it is soon

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    I used to fuck my cousin in the ass all the time. We wouldnât have vagainal sex because we thought that was wrong and didnât want her getting pregnant. Iâd fuck her ass many times a week and always cummed in her ass

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