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    Bi-Sexual Male / 48

    Four months ago I was a straight married man who'd never once thought about gay sex. Now four months down the line, I'm fucking an eighteen year old lad most weekdays and sometimes when the wife's out, also at the weekends too.
    He's a neighbour of ours who lives behind our property with his parents. Basically because my wife and I were hardly having any sex, I was masturbating most days when she was at work. One afternoon whilst tossing myself off, I noticed him watching me. But he wasn't just watching, as he too was wanking. This carried on for a few days with him masturbating along with me. Then one Friday morning he put up a sign in his window saying "Do you fancy fucking my arsehole". The hand written sign also had a mobile number on it. Texting the number I got this reply back "I'm on my own parents out all day". I text him back telling him I had the house to myself too, and within five minutes I was answering the door to Alex. We went straight back to my guest bedroom and Alex stripped off. Seconds later the young man had my throbbing cock in his mouth and was sucked on it for a long long time. Sliding my cock up his arsehole from behind as he knelt on the bed, was a first for me. But I later found out I wasn't Alex's first fuck.
    So most week days from then to now he's been calling by our home and I've been fucking him to my hearts and cocks content. He's such a dirty little bastard too, with his mouth and arse always ready to take my cum deep inside. I'm not sure how many times we've fucked as we've often fucked more than once in a day, but I guess it's well over a hundred times since that first wonderful fuck.
    No matter what happens in the future with Alex and my wife for that matter, from now on I'm always going to find young willing men to take my cock up their bums, and make sure they let me cum deep down their throats or deep inside their bowels.
    My only regret, is not fucking a young mans arsehole a whole lot earlier in my life.

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    Just curious. Was the Twink just strolling through your home when he first saw you wanking?
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    #1 It's quite easy, he says the young man was in his bedroom, hence the bedroom window. Our neighbors also live behind us, and believe me we could see everything in their home, if we wanted to.
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    I was a cute eighteen year old twink fresh out of school working my first full time job when a couple of the older guys at work took my sweet ass for a ride.

    I sure became quite the cute little boy slut suddenly and abruptly, LOL.
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    The neighbor's been fucking me since I started eighth grade. He'd been watching boys sneaking in and out of my room since I was in sixth grade and became infatuated with me.

    He said he's been watching me with the other boys even though he couldn't see much I was scared he was gonna tell. He suggested that I sneak out after Mom and Dad were asleep cause his wife was out of town.

    He really didn't know what to expect and neither did I. I thought I would just try to satisfy him. I showed up in just my pajama top and my underpants on cause he said I looked cute in my white underpants. He was naked with just a robe on and we up to the bedroom.

    I started suckn him and after swallowing I climbed up and sat down on his cock, which was hard to do cause it's bigger than I was used to. We both were kinda embarrassed after we finished. He said he's never been with a boy before and I said I'd never been with a man. We both laughed about it. He asked me to leave the curtains open and a nightlight on so he can watch me when the other guys visit.
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    Hey #1 you sure are one dumb fuck
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    Yes, young guys are always holding up notices at their window asking for a fuck.
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    I know these stories are mostly BS, but you are surprised how many American men fantasise about screwing young boys about whom their wife knows nothing, risking HIV, Hep C etc. I guess they're trying to punish the wife in some way.

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