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    Bi-Sexual Male / 50

    Just served 180 days in the county jail. Not a serious crime just some dumb shit I did. Driving under a suspended license for a while and didn't renew it when it became available.

    I knew going in I’d definitely have to figure out how I'm going masturbate because I have a high sex drive. Luckily for me for 90 days out of my time in there I had this 18 year old guy in my cell. Pretty little thing! He was in for underage consumption. The judge has been making all underage consumption charges served 90 days in jail to teach them a lesson.

    A lesson in deed he did get. He became my tight little bottom I fucked every day fir his 90 days! Popping his cherry was the tough part, he was tight! He was scared at first of being in there but I told him not to worry no one will touch you.

    His first night in I got off my top bunk at night and sat on his bunk. Told him it's gonna happens soon or later so it's best he just picks a guy to take care of him. He was kinda reluctant and didn't understand. I had him lay on his stomach, pulled his pants down, spit on his hole a bunch of times and in I went. Slowly trying to make it as comfortable as I could for him. Fucked him till I cummed him him then got off. Told him every night I'm going to want some ass.

    His last night there I fucked him twice and by that time he was used to it. Said he was glad his time was up and he now knew what kinda lesson the judge wanted to teach him. Said he wouldn't ever be back in jail

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    I would love to try to have a daddy like you for my very first time. It would be a turn having you tell me what you want me to do to please that daddy dick of yours.
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    I was taken under the wing of two guys when I did ninety for pot possession as a eightteen year old. Smooth and fresh looking like I was barely pubecent didn't help.

    I tried to save my pert, pink and boyishly cute virgin ass by trying to satisfy my mentors by sucking, and I got good at it too. It didn't help for long. A black guy who was about to be released knew that I was still fresh and decided to take care of that.
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    #2. I defiantly wanted that young guy in my cell to feel the full affect of jail. I told him itâs worse in prison so if he likes his asshole he best stay out of trouble
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    #3 Did you fuck him?
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    I spent a little time as a kid in in a detention center for taking a car for a joy ride with some older guys. Being smoothly cute and fresh some of the older tougher boys took advantage of me.

    It was a changing experience for sure! I was only there for forty-five days but most of them I had boycock in my mouth, ass or both by two or three boys. It was weird because the last few weeks I looked forward to their attention.
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    Of course they could have put you in a cell where you have been r**ed repeatedly bareback by someone with HIV. Disgusting story.
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    Oh I see, you're a RAPIST...

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