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    Straight Male / 41

    I work in a busy distribution business. Five males and 16 females. We are busy nonstop most of the time. It doesn't take long to get the nerve to flirt with the ladies. Two of the guys and I have been having sex with different women when we could arrange it.they always go for the younger pretty women. I find the less attractive are easier to get. My first fling was with a lady who had two children and started working to help make money. She was a little overweight but had it in the right places. She started the flirting and even would squeeze my butt sometimes. One day I was working an order and had my hand on some boxes beside me. She came to help me work and sat down on my hand. She then leaned over so I could move my hand but I just turned my hand over and started rubbing her pussy. After a couple of minutes she pulled my hand out from under her. We planned to take lunch together. We drove in her minivan to a shopping center nearby and had sex. We wouldn't last long because we both wanted the relief. Another lady asked me one day if I chased my coworkers like the other guys. I told her to meet me after work and find out. I would go to her place after work because her husband worked evening shift so we were alone. This lady finally got pregnant but I don't think I fathered the child. I had sex with 3 other women without much drama. The pretty knockouts always gave my coworkers a lot of drama.

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    Married plump gal is the best pussy.

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