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    Straight Male / 53

    I am an older white divorced man who is screwing a younger married black woman, pretty regularly, (once or tiwce a week of more) and I have have know idea why she fucks me because she is very happily married and up beat about her husband. I am afraid to ask because the sex is incredible and i don't want it to stop. At 53 i am barley in shape to get old flabby pussy let alone a woman as young at hot as her. It's wrong, but i want to keep screwing her.

    It's really odd, i don't know how to explain it, we met about ago year at friends daughters's 30th birthday party. We had a connection because I work in a field she studied in but decided not to pursue so we talked about that. Then a few days later she adds me on facebook, and starts chatting me up, nothing sexual at all, just work, life, world views, politics and stuff like that. Since I am a political science teacher i assumed she was just into politics and was chatty.

    All the same, I knew she was married, and i should stop or slowed down, but it was all g-rated, and just friendly, and i secretly loved the attention of hot younger black woman. I guess because she told me all about her husband and how she fell in love, and who happy she is assumed she was either just really friendly or lonely. Soon, we did lunch, then coffee, and i was starting to feel weird about it again, but then she introduced me to her husband (who is also white). She introduced me as her "new older best friend," and he assumed i was just someone's father she knew. I have met him several times, and he is cool, and clearly have no fucking clue she screws me and is madly in love with her.

    This so fucked up, I don't even know how to explain it starting. She wanted to go to an lecture i was giving, so we met early at a coffee shop in my area to get coffee and chat and she spilled coffee on herself and asked if i had a t-shirt sho could put on and rinse her blouse out in my sink and dry it. We had time and i did not want her to miss it so i agreed even though my mind was screaming "red flags red flags, this is not a good idea." I kept reassuring myself she is happily married and we have never even flirted.

    We got back to my house and got inside and off came her top the second the door closed. She took it off like it was the most natural thing in the world to her. And suddenly she is walking around my apartment in a bra looking for the kitchen and i can't help gawk at her huge dark areolas that a clearly visible through her thin white bra. And was like "Wow, fuck Tasia, wait i'll get a t-shirt for you."

    " ;She was like, i just need to get this stain out," acting again, it this was normal to her, and looking inside the kitchen went right to the sink to soak it. When she came out i was holding a t-shirt and trying to look the other way but finding it very hard and she says, "What's a matter Matt you can't handle see me in a bra?" She was calm, cool, and literally like this was nothing, like it meant nothing.

    I was frozen but managed to say some stupid and corny like "I know your married, I like Ryan, good guy, i am just trying to be respectful."

    And again, in a calm matter of fact, controlled voice, she says, "Matt, it's my body, and i don't care if you look at it, i notice you look at it all the time. I assure you this is a better view of it, no?"

    I thought i was going to turn red and die of a heart attack of shame and embracement right there.

    "Matt it's ok." she continued softly and so controlled, "You should be more careful, but i am pretty sure I am the only one who noticed how you look at my body, i noticed the first night we met. I am an adult, and it's totally fine, stop being ashamed"

    Then just like that she offed her bra exposing the biggest black melons i have ever saw. She walked right over kissed me passionately and start jerking my hard cock through my slacks right there while aggressively pushing her tongue in my mouth as fumbled with my belt and dropped my slacks, then playfully pushed me on the couch and sucked the hell our my cock like no one before her. She she asked me to take her to the bedroom and i did and we fucked each others brains out not saying a word other then moans and groans.

    When it was done she got up she just got up, started getting dressed, ironically with one my shirts, and was like, "Wow, that was damn good, but come on we got to dry my shirt and get out of here before you are late."

    We never said a word about. My sperm as deep in her and she acted like nothing abnormal happened. We had the exact bond as before, no more, no less. And neither of us brought it up again, until a few weeks later she showed up at my house just before a coffee hangout and fucked me again, and when were were done, we got dressed and did coffee like normal never mentioning it. Now fucking before coffee is normal.

    I know it is fucked up. It is not an affair, we are not in love, and not even romantic, it's a good friendship at best. Yet It's so fucked up because we can go from talking about being happy with her husband Ryan and being so happy to her bedding me in minutes. Or she have just blown me and be like, "Oh did i tell the sweetest thing Ryan did yesterday?"

    I don't know what is wrong with her, i know this is wrong, but it is so good i am getting it while i can!

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    What is your problem, exactly?

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    She is psycho. Be careful!!!
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    She sounds lika a slut to white Dick. I think She is just slut for it are your another one who is easy access.
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    PLEASE keep us updated on this!
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    Hate to be rude, but, I'll buy the coffee.
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    She's getting your DNA to set you up for murdering her husband
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    Fuck that dark meat man, get all you can. I actually think it is hot that she is such a slut she can cheat on her husband so causally and not let it affect her relationship with him. Pump her full of cum and send her home.
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    Fuck that is hot! I'd love to be fucking a hot young married black slut. You's living my dream! Her hubby is white? damn, man knocker her up and you totally can get away with it! Put a baby in that bitch!

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