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    Bi-Sexual Female / 23

    My boyfriend is exclusive to me, I am not to him. I have become very very dom to him, and he has allowed it and I keep pushing it. He is now 19. I am chubby, have been my whole life, at 12 I had D cups already, now EE's, and a thick dark brown bush below. I was chubby then too, and the boys kept grabbing my boobs, my ass and between my legs. My first time was 3 older boys who basically told me how mature I looked and wanted to see me naked, and I let them. They laid me down and each took a turn, the oldest boy (18) who was first took a turn to be last also. It hurt it was disgusting, and I had to take them all in my mouth and my pussy. They kept coming around individually, together, and sometimes with other guys and I basically became the neighborhood bicycle - everyone got a ride. By the time 3 months had gone by I had a reputation which was deserved, I'd let 28 boys fuck me by then, I'd taken cumloads in my mouth, pussy, ass, and between my tits. I've had over 150 cocks in all three holes, and I lost count but it's probably closer to 200. My boyfriend was 15 when I was 19 and I was in a cheap motel and 8 or 9 guys were gangbanging me. He was younger than the guys were, but one of them invited him in for his first "piece of ass". I was his first fuck and he did it to me 2 times that night, all messy and used as I was. He seemed very grateful, though I didn't know his name. Nor did I still know his name 2 months later when he and 4 guys took turns on me in my then boyfriends apartment. About a month later I saw him at a grocery store and he started talking to me. I took him back to my place and let him fuck me, for the first time without a ton of other boys sperm leaking out of me, and splattered all over my thick pussy hair and lower belly. He really appreciated the fuck, and started hanging around my place hoping to see me. I let him fuck me a few more times, gave him his first BJ, and even let him fuck me in my butt. I eventually, after having sucked his cum from his cock and taking a second load while riding him, asked his name - Jimmy.

    I kept letting the older guys fuck me, some onesies, some groups, even started doing it with some other girls for a laugh. Jimmy kept coming around. He admitted he hadn't laid any other girls. I knew I could have him do anything I wanted when he was fucking me, and two guys showed up for a fuck before they went out drinking. I got Jimmy off me, made him sit in the living room while I took the two guys to my bedroom and got fucked. I made sure to be super loud and dirty in my talk, and the guys responded well. After they'd each come once in my mouth and one guy in my pussy one in my ass, I brought Jimmy back in. He started fucking me and I told him I wasn't feeling like doing it, and he needed to get me in the mood. Sucking my tits and rubbing my pussy wasn't going to do it. I asked him to lick me. He tried to wipe off a lot of the cum and I told him not to, he had to lick it all up. Towards the end I told him he could have me do anything after I was cleaned out. I got on top of his face and let it all drip into his mouth and made him used his fingers and tongue to get the rest out. After that, I used him to clean me anytime I wanted. I'd stop him in the middle of fucking so I could fuck others, then let him have his turn AFTER he cleaned me. He was so enamored with getting laid that he didn't care. I even made him lick two of my girlfriends clean after their boyfriends fucked them. He was so good an oral, they'd ask to come over to get licked to have orgasms without getting fucked. I let them.

    So now, I have a 19 year old who isn't allowed to fuck anyone else, does anything I want sexually, cleans my house, cooks for me, and anything I want. I have made him watch guys fuck me and told him how good they were. This morning he woke up with my fingers pumping his skinny little ass. He was begging me not to do it, but I told him he fucks me with his cock in my ass, I can finger fuck him ... unless he wanted to stop fucking me. He took it. I'm going to take him to the porn store and make him openly discuss which strap on we should buy to fuck him with. I really want to watch him take some sperm straight from a cock. Last week a guy fucked me and pulled out and shot on my big belly and while the guys was putting on his pants I made Jimmy lick the sperm up and swallow it. It's nice to not be the one taking all the shit all the time!

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    I I were him, I would LOVE for you to lock me up in a rubber suit w/ hood, for doing all the chores, housework, laundry, cooking, and pleasuring you tirelessly! You'd love the "sex-toy" anonymity, and would gradually think of him only in that way. I speak from experience - that's my life, and I love it, and will go to any length to please my merciless wife, who has expanded both our limits in an ever-increasing development.

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