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    Bi-Sexual Male / 51

    My wife stopped giving me blow jobs quite few years ago, and it's something I adore having done to me. I also love fucking too, something else which only happens with my wife once every blue moon.

    Joking with a pal of mine at a pub around June time this year, he told me if he was stuck for a blow job, he'd often get young guy around to suck him off. I couldn't believe he'd admitted to it, but the more I thought about it, the more it made perfect sense. No relationship, yet he had a willing cock slut to empty your balls. He lived on his own so I suppose it's easy for him, but I had a wife. Chatting to him again, he told me he didn't start off having blow jobs at home, it began by him being approached in a public toilet by a guy his age, someone wanting to see if he was there for sex. He got his cock sucked that day and it went from there for him.

    The following week I was working at a library. Taking my lunch break I went into the gents and found a younger man lingering in there. After taking a pee, I asked him if he was waiting for someone. His instant response was to say "I'll suck you off, or you can fuck me if you've got condoms". Stepping into a stall, I took out my cock and watched his smile broaden. Squatting down the man who I guessed was about thirty ish took my cock into his mouth and it felt absolutely wonderful. Holding his head, I began to fuck his face and the more he sucked me in, the more I wanted to thrust my cock down his throat. Alas it had been a long long time since my dick had been serviced and I found myself ready to cum. Letting him know, he carried on sucking on my cock, and if anything he sucked it in harder and deeper. Then with a strong thrust of my hips, my cock let go and I was dumping my cum down his very willing throat.

    We parted, exited the stall and both washed our hands. Walking back into the library to collect my lunch, it was as though nothing had taken place. Which only gave me confidence to try it again.

    The following week I was in town and saw a young man enter a public toilets. I'm not sure how I knew, but I sensed he was entering for sex. Sure enough as I stood next to him at the urinals, he looked at my cock and asked me if I needed any help with it. I'd never heard the term or anyone ask a question like that, so I knew it was key to sex. Putting my hand down I gripped his and placed it on my cock. He tossed it off a few times and then walked into a stall. Again I had a stranger sucking on my dick and again it felt utterly amazing. Only this much younger man wanted my cum all over his face. Taking my cock out as I told him i wanted to cum, he milked it all over his face and hair and only then did I see him tossing himself off. With a couple more jerks he came all over the floor and we both made comments like "Fuck yeh". Cleaned up and outside of the toilets he gave me his mobile number. Telling me if I fancied fucking him to get in touch.
    Since June I've met up with my young fuck buddy quite a few times. We always have sex in my van and now I fuck him every time. Over all in the last six months I've had sex with eight different men, all willing to empty my balls by sucking on my cock, or in the case of two of them, with me fucking their arseholes.

    The second young male I fucked was firstly at a car park near to golf club. We'd arranged to meet after he'd sucked me off outside of a shopping centre (Long story). Meeting him just before sunset, he joined me in my van and he began to suck me off. Knowing we were there so I could fuck his cute tight arse, we got into the back of the van. And in there I had my first ever taste of a mans arsehole. I tongued and kissed it and couldn't believe at just how horny it made me. I fucked that young man twice that hot and steamy night, both times with him licking and sucking on my dick afterwards.
    And so it has and will carry on. My wife still refuses me a blow job, but does very occasionally have me fuck her. But I know find I enjoy a guys mouth and his tight arsehole to my wife's loose sloppy c**t anyday.

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    I read your story and find a lot of similarities to my situation. My only regret is that it took me so long before I let a dude suck my cock.
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    I made my young male bitch, suck on my cock with my wifes dried pussy juice all over it, I loved it he hates the smell of pussy. Don't care!!!
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    Nice confession. I too am married , in my fifties and wife doesn't want sex. A mate of mine is in the same boat but after a few drinks, I was sucking his cock and swallowing his cum. After a rest, he sucked me off and so it began. We now suck each other anytime we are alone together and during the hunting seasons, we share a bed and suck and fuck each other until we are totally spent. We both think our wives know but don't seem to care as we aren't out chasing other women. I know I have become quite the cock sucker and so has he but I would have to say I am more the receiver when it comes to taking a hard cock up the ass and love hearing him moan as he breeds me with his sperm.
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    Me and my other bottom boy friends have recently started highschool. We've all discovered older married guys like you are, we all kinda think "where have all you guys been?"
    Most of us guy's have been sucking and getting fucked by the older highschool boys for some time. Some of us even in grade school too. Getting home after the movies, soccer practice or the library with our tummies full or our butt's and underpants buttered and full of teenage boy cum was pretty boring compared to being with a man in his fifties.
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    I am one of those guy (although 57) that loves finding married guys to suck off or give a quick piece of ass to and anytime I go into a restroom I am looking to see if someone needs help. I just love cock and cum
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    You poor bastards. 50 odd years of life experience and this is the best you can do??? KILL YOURSELF!!!
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    Well, I think you should stop fucking your poor wife so as not to pass on the HIV or Hep C that you will inevitably get some time soon. What an unbearably selfish person.

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