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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I got married at 19 because my boyfriend was finishing graduate school and that way I could move with him and finish college where he took his job. He traveled a lot, over 50% of the time, and many times he was gone from Sunday night to Saturday morning and then on the road again the following week. Having a young wife at home he was pretty jealous and called me most every day, and left no doubt that I was not to have any close relationships with any guy. I was lonely and felt abandoned and cried a lot when I was alone.

    I was a commuter student which didn't help. I went to class and when I was done I went home to my apartment. When he came home for the weekend he wanted immediate sex and I felt used, he just had sex and I was supposed to do things, weird things, a lot of oral sex which I didn't like and he would try things, like tying my hands together and of course anal sex, lots of anal sex which I found disgusting, but he liked fucking me like that. I was sorry I had gotten married and I was depressed and my grades got so bad I was in danger of flunking out.

    I needed a tutor, which I found through the campus student help office. She was herself a grad student in Sociology and very pretty, and small like me. From the first session she called me sweetie, to get my attention she touched my hands, if she got up to get a glass of water she stood behind me at the table with her hands on my shoulder, she leaned over me, she would stare at my boobs, she ran her hand across my behind to straighten out my skirt. I was so stupid I didn't catch on.

    Our study nights were Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday she asked me when I had my periods, which I thought was a weird question, she said she was just comparing to see if we got our periods at the same time. She told me she thought I had nice breasts and that my husband must really like to come home and give me the treatment. She put her hand under my breast and cupped it. On Thursday she came over and she wasn't wearing a bra, her nipples clearly visible under her blouse. Her blouse was too small, her breasts were popping out and she kept saying sorry as she arranged them again. She commented how much trouble it was for women to have breasts, you loved them and you hated them, she asked me if I wanted to see them, seeing that they weren't all bundled up. She didn't wait for an answer, she opened her blouse and her breasts were in front of me. She touched mine, told me to let them out, to compare, to see how our breasts compared.

    She reached and started to unbutton my blouse, insisting that I show her, that I wasn't fair that she had shown me her breasts, until I finally opened my shirt and took off my bra. She started touching them, holding them in her hands and asking me to hold hers, she was all over them, she begged me to let her kiss them, when I got stiff and tried to cover up she put her arms around my waist and said that we had to become bosom buddies, and she managed to kiss me. She wouldn't quit, her hand went down between my legs and she said she wanted me and she knew that I wanted her. She fell to her knees and undid my pants, and pulled them down and had her face into me kissing hard trying to get her tongue in me.

    She walked me over to the couch and sat me down and told me that when she wanted to eat my pussy I was going to let her eat my pussy, that when she wanted to fuck me she was going to fuck me and when she wanted me to eat her pussy I was going to eat her pussy. She got naked, totally naked and I was totally naked and we went into the bedroom and she asked if that was the bed that my husband fucked me on, because now she was going to fuck me and I was going to know the difference, I was going to know who really loved me.

    I found out why she was beautiful, smart and engaging and did not have a boyfriend. I gave into her, that first night I was overwhelmed, but as the days went on I became more and more attached to her and we became close, close like I wanted to be with my husband but it never happened. I got to the point where I looked forward to making love with her, being with her, getting naked for her, and I got to the point where I liked giving her oral sex, I liked it a whole lot, and I liked her giving me oral sex and I learned that 'fucking' with her was about getting on me and grinding herself against me. One day, walking through an exhibit on campus, I kissed her on the cheek, I just needed to kiss her. When my husband came home he got all the sex he wanted, he could fuck me in the ass all weekend and I didn't care, stuff my mouth I didn't care, give me errands to run, I didn't care, the house was always clean and his laundry was always done and he always got a home cooked meal as I became a better and better cook.

    I finished my degree, I got pregnant and started my family, my husband continued to travel and I had my friend who was always with me, and my husband can't seem to see that she is a lesbian, he is blind to that, to him she is just a one of those liberal arts women who works in social services, a safe and a reliable friend who helps me with our kids and is company while he is out of town. That she spends Christmas with us, that she is devoted to our kids, he is blind to her. She opened up in me a part of me I didn't know I have. I am probably more lesbian than straight, but I love my husband and I am glad we have kids. I give him all the sex he wants, but if feel that I make love with her, and we make love, and like I said before, she 'fucks' me and that is when I feel fucked. And spending time with her is all I want to do. She knows that I am her 'wife' as well as his.

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