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    Straight Female / 26

    I ride my bike to work every day. For the record, I always wear a skirt to work. Before I set off I tilt my bike seat so it points straight up instead of forward. I put a condom on it, then I lower myself onto the seat so it penetrates me. I ride the whole way to work fully resting on the bike seat in my pussy, feeling the vibrations and every bump in the road. I try to avoid especially rough terrain but there's a patch halfway to work I can't avoid where I have to lift myself partway off the seat or it will hurt.

    When I get to work I slip the condom off the seat and point it forward again, then I do the same thing on my way home from work. I've done this nearly every day for 3 years and none of my friends or coworkers has any idea.

    I would like to get or make an actual dildo connected to a pole I could replace the seat with, or even better a full dildo bike (I have the one I want bookmarked. Peddling also makes a dildo piston through the seat.) but I can't afford either right now and even if I could I couldn't ride them to work without raising questions, but they would be fun to go riding at night at least.

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    There is such a bike
    Email me
    Ill help you find it
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    Im willing to help out


    Send me a message
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    I can't see how you can do that it would hurt like hell. I tilt the seat upward just enough to rub on my clit when I ride my bike. I will find the most bumpy road to ride on. It works every time and my panties get wet.
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    I know #1 that's why I said I have the bike I want bookmarked.

    That's okay #2 I'll get there eventually. I've been putting money aside for it for a while.

    #3 The front of the seat is really rounded and the back is flared out pretty wide so it doesn't go in too deep, the condom helps more than you would think. It's mostly only painful like I said when I hit that rough patch if I don't lift myself up a bit, lots of big rocks and divots. Last time I tried riding through there without adjusting myself it felt like I was being kicked with a boot and the toe was going straight into me.
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    I did that so many times when I was teenager and young adult. I rode to a nearby woods, pulled gusset away and while standing there, bending over the handle bar, I took it in my pussy. Didn't matter if it was summer or winter. Many times I went to swim, and before the lake I went to woods and fucked myself and then went to swim feeling so horny and satisfied. In winter, I just pulled my jeans down and took it in. There are lots of different kind of seats in stores, just find the right one for you and it will do so good!

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