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    Straight Female / 20

    So when I was... I'll just say Younger, I was putting together a black cat costume for Halloween. We ordered a set of ears and a tail off of Amazon and when they got to us I took the box straight to my room to try them on. Well it turned out that the set we ordered, the tail was... not a pin-on tail like I expected, it was a butt plug.

    But, at the time I mean I was embarrassed but I also thought it would be a huge hassle and even more embarrassing to take it to mom and have her return it to get a new set, and besides that... it was a butt plug. I had a sex toy. A real one. Up until then I had only used like markers, pens, my favorite hair brush, etc. and I'd never put more than a pen or a finger in my ass. I had been wanting a dildo or a vibrator, but I didn't know how to get those and this just kind of fell in my lap, so I decided to keep it and not tell anyone.

    I figured out how to put the plug in and got used to having it in, then I figured out how to thread the tail over the waistband of the skirt I was going to wear for the costume so it just looked like a pin-on tail and nobody would ask questions. I wore that tail plug the whole night that Halloween going trick or treating and I'd worn it to a few costume events, including one at school, before that. After that I kept it, found other excuses to wear it with the ears, even figured out I could use it like a dildo if I made sure it was clean. I still have it even though it's not the only butt plug/tail plug let alone the only sex toy I have now.

    I wish I had found this site closer to Halloween, I would have posted this then.

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    How did it feel going trick or treating with it in? Being at school with it in? Did you tell anyone?

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