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    Straight Female / 20

    Ma dad owns and operates a small engineering firm. He is a very off-beat man and father and my nanny, Addie, was a butch-dyke. I never went that route but she taught me that wimps don't get far in life. Dan,one of my dad's best engineers is a real hunk and I noticed him as far back as when I was ten, got an interminable crush of the man. He was married and to a cool lady, Nancy. This hampered my day-dreams about him. Fortunately for me I developed early and by the time I was 16 was fully developed.

    Dan and his wife were often invited to our place during summer weekends and they loved our pool and bathhouse by the pool. Dan shied away from me and the friendlier I got, the colder he seemed to get. When I turned 16 we had a birthday party at the house and poolside. As usual, Dan and Nancy were enjoying the pool and I was enjoying him, checking out the big package between his legs from my room, and masturbating to him like I had done many times.

    At dusk, I noticed that Nancy had to leave for some reason. She took their car and dad offered Dan a ride home later but he said that he would take up the second offer to sleep in the bathhouse. My heart began to pump hard and I had all kinds of visions. What drove me on was Addie's butch-style that was hammered into me. At 1 AM, Wearing nothing but a fleecy robe and nothing underneath, I sneaked into the bathhouse. I doubted that Dan would scream and I did not have a clue what I would say to him but when I entered the bathhouse I found him reading, completely nude.

    Dan said, I've known you since you were born. I said, "Yeah, well I'm not a virgin." He said, "Is that so?"
    He stood up and I grabbed his penis, which soon became erect. He said, "Om shit, oh, well," and started kissing me as my robe fell off. He slipped his hard penis into me while we were still standing up and we began to fuck like that. I said, "Oh...GOD...I've dreamed of this all my life. He pulled out, spun me around and I bent over the chaise for him to do me doggy style. It felt so natural as if we had done it before. It was marvelous.

    We kept going until 3 AM and both had multiple orgasms. We did not talk much but just made love. We decided to get together for lunch at a place we both knew the following Wednesday. That was all a few years ago and it all ended when I went off to college two years later. I'm still there, now in my senior year. As it turned out, Dan knew I was going to make some kind of move. He was no dummy. I just did not know how he would handle it. He told me several times that he loved his wife and I told him I did not blame him for anything. I regret nothing.

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    Good! I would have done the same.

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