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    Straight Male / 25

    I've been been friends with my wife since middle school. We didn't start dating and having sex till we were 23. Then we got married when were 24. Now she is the second woman I've had sex with and I can't complain. The sex is great

    Ow she never wanted period sex until we were in our honeymoon and her period came. We weren't just not going to have sex so when her period started she told me and said I really want to have sex so if you don't mind a little bit of blood. I'm a man, blood doesn't bother me so I told her we'll try it out. I'm up for sex on her period but she didn't know how she felt about it.

    Only bad thing we knew was that we were in a hotel and the sheets and towels are all white. We said screw it, laid a towel down so we didn't mess the bed up and started making out. Now she always has heavy periods so when I stuck my cock in it was extra slippery and wet. I took it slowly, kissing her the whole time until I finally cane in her. When I pulled my duck out it was blood covered and my pubic hair had blood in it too. I looked my wife and said well shit, normally you don't leave any body fluids on me but I'll take it! We showered together and cleaned up. The next day she had cramps real bad and we had sex again. She found my dick in her took care of the cramps! So for most of out honeymoon we had period sex!

    Now fast forward to now, we still have sex on her period. She even gets on top during sex while on her period. It's a bit more messy but she enjoys being on top. My dick is always blood covered when finished and blood on the base of my pubic area. Ever since the honeymoon I've shaved off my pubic hair to aid in the clean up of period sex

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