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    Straight Male / 41

    I've known my wife has been cheating for a while. And it's not like I care about her physically having sex with another man, it's her body, I don't see it as "dirty" or whatever because of this. What pissed me off is that she hid it from me, lied to me about it.

    It had also been a while since we last had sex when I did what I'm about to say.

    For once she was up for it when I suggested we go for it. We both had the day off and the kids were out of the house. She laid back and spread her legs, but I rolled her over and started fucking her from behind. I started thinking about her cheating and making myself angry. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, which she seemed to like. She also seemed to like when I pushed her forward off her knees and pushed her face into the bed.

    She didn't like what I did next. I pulled out of her and started rubbing my cock. I said "I know you've been cheating on me." She started trying to deny it but I dropped the name of the guy she was cheating on me with and I said "just tell me the truth."

    She said "I don't know what you're talking about."

    I'm not one to accuse someone of something like that unless I'm sure. I checked some of the places she was supposedly at when she was actually with him and she wasn't there when she said she was. I checked with people who knew the guy and they'd seen him with her, they recognized her from the picture in my wallet and said they'd seen the two of them kissing, said it was obvious they were fucking. So, I had no doubt left, and I knew she was lying to me.

    I said "if you're going to cheat and lie to me about it I'm going to have to punish you somehow," and I pushed the head of my cock into her ass.

    She tried to get me to stop by admitting to it but I just told her that it was too late for that. While I fucked her ass and she squirmed under me I slapped her ass and told her to confess, to tell me what all they did and how long she'd been cheating on me. She let it all out, sobbing, saying she was sorry while I called her a lying slut.

    After I came I held her while she continued to apologize, and once she felt better we talked about it. I told her basically what I said above, that I wasn't mad that she was with someone else just that she lied about it. I thought she knew me well enough by then that she'd know I would have been open to discussing it before she did it or at the very least I would have been fine with it if she had come clean early on.

    We came to an agreement after that. She could keep seeing him, and in return she would let me fuck her ass more often, and have sex with ME more often in general, and I would be allowed to sleep with other women too. Along with that I got her to agree that if she wanted to be with someone other than myself and the guy she was seeing, she had to indulge me in other ways she hadn't already done with me before. Deep throat, first off. Bondage. There are quite a few things I've been wanting to do with her but couldn't get her to agree to before.

    Since then I've started seeing a young woman who's gotten way too much of her information about sex from watching porn. Not that I'm complaining, as long as she doesn't expect me to perform like a porno dick I'm more than happy to let her try to emulate what she's seen in porn when she's sucking my dick. But that's neither here nor there.

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    There is a difference in having sex with someone you love and just having sex with someone else. Sounds like you have discovered that truth. Good luck to you both.

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