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    Straight Female / 31

    So my husband and I like to shower together, it's what we had the big walk-in shower installed for, and usually we end up having sex when we do.

    This morning when we were showering I got on my knees and gave him a blowjob. When he was about to cum he told me to close my eyes and open my mouth. He came on my face, in my mouth. Some of it got on my eyes, perhaps intentionally, and I had to wipe it off before I could open my eyes, but when I went to wipe it off he said "hang on" so I waited, I didn't know what he was doing I just figured I'd humor him.

    Then I felt a stream of warm water on my face. At first I thought he was using the water from the shower to rinse my face off but then I smelled, and unfortunately tasted, that it was piss. I tried to get out of the way but he cornered me in the back of the shower and kept going, kept pointing it at my face and getting around my hands when I tried to block the stream, kept getting it in my mouth when I tried to tell him to stop. I don't know how long he kept peeing but he must have been saving it up like all day.

    I was stunned when he finished, I sat there covered in piss just outside of the water and I asked him why he did that. He said it was something he'd been wanting to do for a while and he didn't think I'd say yes if he asked. I said no shit I wouldn't have said yes and he said that he wouldn't do it again unless I let him.

    And at the time I was super angry at him but I've been thinking about it all day and, yeah it smelled and tasted kinda bad but I washed up fine and it really just felt like warm water on me. If I could get used to the smell at least it wouldn't be too bad, and he seems to love it.

    So I guess I want to ask, anyone think I should let him do it again? Any tips anyone could give me about it? Like how to get used to the smell, or maybe if I can bring myself to do so, the taste? Could any guys out there give me a bit of his perspective like what kind of things you like when it comes to this sort of thing?

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    I like it a lot to pee all over my girl in the shower. If you can refrain him from eating onions, garlick, leeks and the like for a couple of days, his urine won't smell so bad (and his sperm will actually taste good).
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    I like to piss in her mouth as much as possible. I prefer if she drinks it, but as long as it goes in her mouth I love it. I like to make her keep a mouthful in her mouth for a little while after I'm done, make her wait until I cum before she can spit it out or swallow it.
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    I enjoy having my woman sit on my face while she leaks out little bursts of hot piss into my mouth. I don't swallow it. I just let it pour in and flow out, as I continue to lick her pussy. It's hot!
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    When hubby wanted to start giving me golden showers and all that, the first time we did it was to force me to get used to the smell and taste of it.

    He tied me up and laid me in the bath tub, used a ring gag to keep my mouth open and peed on my face and in my mouth. I almost vomited it was so awful.. He told me to keep it in my mouth until he came back, then he shut off the light and left me in the bathroom for an hour.

    I laid there in the dark, soaked in pee, nothing but the smell of it in my nostrils, mouth full of it, feeling it on my skin and on the floor of the tub around me. I got used to it. It still smelled and tasted awful but it didn't make me feel like I was going to vomit anymore. Which was a good thing because when he came back in an hour later he had to pee again so he just went all over me. Then he told me to swallow, so I did.

    He cut me loose and let me wash up afterward but didn't let me brush my teeth or anything until the next day, so I still had the taste in my mouth and my breath still smelled like it while we had sex later and when we went to bed.

    If you're looking to get used to it, well, the quickest way seems to me like just diving in headfirst, so to speak, and forcing yourself to get used to it. #1 might have a good point about the foods, but the fact is that even if you think you're doing everything right sometimes it's just going to smell/taste awful and if you want to do this you should just get used to that.

    Hell, take the opposite approach to #1, instead of avoiding those foods have him eat all of them as much as possible before doing it, make it as bad as it's gonna get and get used to it that way, then the way it is normally will be like nothing.
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    What I did was start letting my husband pee on my pussy and my boobs and my ass. I actually asked him for it. Our first time was forced much like yours. But when I would beg him to pee on my pussy he got so hard he couldn't continue peeing. I got used to it that way, and actually liked the feel of the super warm pee on my body. Then I sent for taking it in my mouth. At first not swallowing, then swallowing a little bit. He doesn't swallow either, but loves watching me pee on him in the shower, or tub, or just out in public sometimes to excite him.
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    My hubby and I went out dancing and had a little too much to drink. He couldn't wait to get home to get in my pants and decided to take it. He passed out after cumming in me panties aside in the back seat. That's when he pissed inside of me.

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