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    Straight Male / 37

    My wife has a thing for using a strap on on me. At first I thought she was just curious to try it so whatever, I let her fuck my ass.

    Well that grew into her fucking my ass 3 or 4 times a week over the past two years. And now she has me wearing tighty whities saying since Iâm taking it in the ass I need pantie like underwear.

    I donât mind her using the strap on but damn she could at least let me fuck her pussy more than once a week.

    Our daughter walked in on us one day. Now that was a weird conversation I had with her

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    she'll be wanting to dress you up and watch you suck and fuck a real cock before long.

    keep us posted...
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    #1 My wife never uses a strap on but fingers my ass instead. She actually set me up to get fucked by two of her gay friends from work. I pretended that I was too drunk to resist, lol.
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    You're gonna find out that there's nothing better than bottoming in panties and getting fuckd by a real cock!
    I know I do like being the cute little sissyboy wrapped in lace panties wiggling on or under another man's cock.

    Go ahead be the bitch you're gonna love it!
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    #2 is lying. My wife knows I wonât take a real cock. I like my wife strap on fucking me. My daughter was in shock when she found out
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    #3- I was a really cute kid and was used quite a lot by the older boys, especially in my older sister's panties.

    My wife found out that I was a bottom boy as a kid and became excited over the whole thing. She likes me to wear lacey panties when we have sex and finger fucks me too. That kind of opened a can of worms. I've been getting fuckd by the gay couple two doors down almost a few times a week and can't stop.
    29 days ago

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