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    Straight Female / 34

    I'm new to this site so forgive me if I do this wrong, but I have to tell.

    Saturday night my husband and I went to one of his coworkers weddings in the city. A very upscale reception is a gorgeous venue. I had my hair and makeup professionally done, wore a very elegant cobalt blue dress with a revealing side split and matching strappy platform heels. Dan wore a suit that's hung in the closet since I brought it home from the cleaners after the last wedding we attended.

    The hall was decorated in beautiful live plants and flowers, with dim lighting and abundant candles. The band was great, there were multiple bars and hor's de ovure stations, and everyone was dancing. Except Dan and I !

    Dan doesn't care to dance, he was more interested in watching football on his phone. After Army won, I got him to dance a slow song with me. Try as I might, he didn't get the hint that I was in the mood. I tried my most seductive looks, grinding against him, but after the one slow song, he headed off to the bar again.

    That's when a younger ( maybe 25 year old) approached me and asked me to dance. The band was playing some upbeat dance music and I agreed. We danced for almost 15 minutes straight and I was a bit tired, so I thanked him and excused myself to freshen up.

    I walked into the ladies lounge in the bridal suite because I knew it was quieter than the main hall. As the door was closing behind me, in walked the man I had been dancing with. Without a word, he locked the door, extended his hand to me, and when I took it, he pulled me in and kissed me.

    I haven't kissed another man since Dan and I got married 8 years ago. When he stopped kissing me, I tried to protest, but he just pulled me in close and started kissing my neck as we gently swayed to the music. I felt his hand gently cupping my ass as we slowdanced to the muffled music.

    He led me to the white couch and sat me down, knelt before me and gently reached under my dress and removed my panties. I had to shimmy a bit to allow him to get them off and when I did, he started caressing the insides of my thighs. Then, he went for the kill. He spread my legs and started kissing the insides of my thighs working his way up. When I felt his breath getting close to my vulva, I just laid back , reached for his head and guided him in.

    Someone whose name I didn't know was buried face first in my crotch, licking and probing where only Dan had been for years and I was loving it. As the tingling and pleasure turned to lust, I gave in and orgasmed. He didn't stop until I pushed him away.

    His pants were lowered ( I hadn't even noticed him doing that as he went down on me) and he tried to get between my legs. I told him I was married and couldn't but to stand up. I took him into my mouth, and his penis was not as long as Dan's but so much thicker. I had to really work my jaw open to accommodate him. I was using both my hands to wrap around it! I was only at it a few moments when without a sound or and notice he came in my mouth! I was disgusted, but let him finish before I got up and spit into the sink. I heard the door close as he silently left the room. No names, no numbers or unkept promises. I left the lounge a few minutes later and Dan was standing in the corner looking for me. I explained I had visited the rest room, and was talking to someone. He said it was time to go home, told me to drive as he had drank too much. As we waited for the valet to bring the car around I kissed him. He promised we'd fool around when we got home. As we entered the freeway, I heard him start to snore.

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    Excellent! Love his confidence. And your horniness!
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    where does the "revenge" come in? plus, sometimes on contracts a lethal STD from a
    complete stranger. Not wise.
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    So you went to the wedding a whore in waiting and came home a full grown whore. Tell your husband what you did while hiding from him in the bathroom.
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    Don't worry about it bitch, almost all women are whores.
  • 5 kissed him with some other guy's sperm in your mouth. That is great revenge...wait, you forgot to say what he did to deserve it.

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