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    Bi-Sexual Male / 31

    When I divorced my wife and we sold our house I built a new house. The builder's realtor/agent was the nicest lady who made the process a pleasure == even when there were issues. I had been in my house several weeks when one Saturday evening my door bell ran and there she stood. She came to give me a personal update regarding a landscaping issue. When I invited her in she asked if her husband could some in as she had told him how nice my mom decorated my house and she would like for him to see. She motioned him in and out of the car came her two kids and her husband.

    I was in my foyer so I didn't see him get out of the car but when he stepped up on my porch my heart skipped a beat because he was the married man me and my friend had tag teamed many times over the last few months. We acted like we had never met by shaking hands as she introduced us to each other. The kids were adorable, like both their parents, but I had to think mathematical equations to keep my hard dick from protruding down my pants leg. He is, without doubt, the hottest, wildest, kinkiest ass and fuck of my life.

    We have rotated his ass and mouth for hours and I have cum all over his body. He likes to hold a guys dick while he pisses and he will lick the last drops off. The harder you fuck his ass/mouth the hotter he gets and the more he wants. Talk nasty to him and he shifts into overdrive. I've seen him blow his load and never touch himself and when he does his entire body quivers, shakes as he gasp for breath. He says he also had internal orgasms and will suck my dick out of his ass or the other guys ass. I/we've pissed all over him and even pissed in his ass a few times.

    He begs my friend to find him 4 or 5 guys to tag team him for hours. I am above average and he loves it but he really wants a big one. He told us a college basketball player use to fuck him with a 10 incher all the time and he loved it. Said the first man he sucked was a well endowed preacher who lived near his grandparents and taught him how to satisfy a man. If I ever meet that preacher, I will thank him from the bottom of my heart. Not a double in my mind he is one of the hottest, most erotic, kinkiest, wildest fucks/sex of my life - and his wife was my realtors/agent and now he knows where I live. Unfortunately, he can never come to my house since his wife is the realtor/agent for this new subdivision. For some time with him - I will spring for a hotel room any day, any time for as long as he wants. Did I mention he is very, very masculine and good looking?

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