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    Straight Male / 24

    Recently had surgery and the incision was made right down the center of my stomach so bending over is quite difficult at the moment. I got out of the hospital last Friday and been figuring out what I can and canât do.

    Showering is difficult. I canât wash from my middle of my groin and down so my mom has to help me. Never thought id ever be in this situation. I get in the shower then a few minutes later she comes in to soap up my butt, legs, penis and testicles. I still manage on my own to shave my pubic area. Once Iâm all soaped up she leaves, I grabbed my razor, shaved and rinse off. Although I canât shave my balls and shaft at all my mom has offered to help but I decline, I donât want someone else having a razor down there!

    Now hereâs the embarrassing part, I am uncut. My mom has to retract my foreskin to wash underneath it and Iâm usually rock hard by then. But that doesnât phase her. She just says itâs natural for a guy to get erect so donât worry. I should add sheâs a nurse too so sheâs seen plenty of nude people. When she pulls my foreskin back I tell her to just leave it back until I was the soap off.

    Then once Iâm all done she helps me dry off and which at that point she pulls my foreskin back over my penis head.

    Then itâs on to getting dressed. Having your mom help put your briefs on is definitely a challenge. I had to teach her to pull them up, make sure my testicles donât get pinched and that my penis has to be adjusted accordingly. She didnât know all the effort to putting on Menâs briefs lol.

    Now masturbation is a different story. I spend all day in just my briefs as itâs just easier that way for me. I still have the urge to cum everyday and what I found works best currently is I rub my hard cock in my briefs against my bed. I will just cum in my briefs before I take a shower at night

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