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    Straight Male / 20

    Right form the day I started, which was eight months ago, my bosses wife came onto me. She's a lot younger than him and in truth far too sexy for a fat lazy fucker like him. I guess you'd call their marriage, a marriage of convenience, as she spends his money and he gets to fuck a very good looking twenty seven year old. When I say fuck, he apparently last only a few strokes and it's all over with.

    Michelle asked me to help her with a load of paperwork she had to do and I joined her in the back office. Only we didn't do any paperwork as she took my cock out and sucked me dry. I didn't fuck her that morning, but only because she told me she'd been longing to suck dry a big cock for months.

    From the first blow job in that office, we had sex pretty much every day for about a fortnight. The first fuck came when her husband drove over to one of the companies suppliers, as they defaulted on an order. Probably as he was shouting (He always shouts) at their boss, I was banging his wife over his desk. Michelle stripped right down to her panties and bra and had me lick her pussy and ass, before she pulled her panties aside and lay face down on her husbands desk. Fucking her pussy from behind, I was soon hammering away, when she asked me to fuck her ass. I'd never done anal before so it was new to me, yet so fucking horny. Pumping my cum up her asshole for the first time, after she'd orgasmed twice, will stay with me forever.

    Michelle has told me she's only using me for sex, and maybe I might need to move on soon. But boy has it been an education fucking her this past eight months. And only last week she asked me if I know anyone (A guy) who'd be willing to do a threesome with me and her at a motel. Tomorrow (Friday) Michelle, myself and a friend of mine who doesn't work at the company, will be taking the afternoon off and going over to the motel. I'm not sure if it's our final fuck, yet if it is, I'm going to make damn sure we give it to her for the full two hours we've booked the room for.

    If her husband knew (He's in Europe right now) he'd divorce her in heart beat, and I'd be fired.

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