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    I had a suspicion that my husband looks at porn on the internet while I am not at home because the history is always erased. Then I found one time he forgot to clear it. I was pissed off and of course he made up some lame excuse and said he doesn't look at it all that often. But the history is still now always cleared. Last Sunday I had to go to the grocery store and take our kids somewhere and he randomly kept asking me when I was leaving so I had a suspicion he wanted to look at porn. I was pissed off because he didn't want to go to the store with me and I knew why. So I took my phone and turned the camara on video and put it under the desk at the computer and left it at home to see if he did. When I got home I got the phone and went to the bathroom and watched the video to see what he did while I was gone. Sure enough within almost a minute after I left he sat at the computer and once he started it up he pulled his shorts down and started jacking himself off. This went on for just over 20 minutes. I wish I could have seen what exactly he was watching and I admit it was very erotic watching someone not knowing they were being watched. I sat in the bathroom and watched the part when he came all over himself three or four times and masturbated myself and had a pretty good orgasm. I even watched it again at work the next day in the restroom and masturbated at work for the first time in my life. Part of me wants to tell him what I did to embarrass him but for now I've decided not to say anything because I don't want to start a huge fight. What would you do? Would you confront him about it?

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    Confront him? Is there a law against porn? Do you feel he betrayed you by watching? And yet you get horny yourself about it? I will never understand people like you.
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    The world doesn't revolve around you! Watching porn is not illegal,and is sometimes ther**eutic to stress relief. Maybe he needs a break from you constantly nagging him about it! Just because he is your husband does not mean you own him it means you are equals in a two party system! If he is watching porn, maybe it means your love life is dead and he finds other ways of getting the attention he needs! Try confronting him and ask him what he wants maybe? Instead of telling him he is the problem it may be you?
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    Two great answers. Open your mind to sex being great. Try sharing the porn interest. You've seen some of what he's watched. Don't share your recording until he knows how erotic you are and can be.
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    I would make the man stand in a corner without his pants on (facing the corner) just for not meeting my demands. Then, I would find a rocking chair, sit in it and masturbate while I watch him to be sure he does not move. This matches the logic of your posting.
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    What a big pile of steamy and warm bullshit.

    You are against porn, and yet you know a site like this, and six days later you come here and tell what happened last sunday.

    Nice fantasy, but it is nothing else than a fantasy.
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    If you would just fuck him he wouldn't watch porn!
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    The women like this are a pain in the ass for sure.
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    You were pissed that he was watching Porn but then you say you were getting off watching your husband cumming to Porn. PLEASE make up your mind!!!
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    Some of these responses were my very thoughts as well. #4 is a Loon.

    My Ex and you would get along fine. She would go ballistic catching me looking at porn. Of course she doled out sex like it was a job every now and a great then. This is why she is an Ex.

    Are you the self appointed Queen Bitch on the Throne who rules over another individual?
    Lighten up lady, your marriage would be a whole lot more fun and pleasant.
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    I found pictures on my husband's computer of him having sex with other boys and even some men when he was in his early teens. He would dress up and even put on make up. There's only a few pictures in his later teens of pretty much the same stuff. I'm kind of grossed out but tittilated at the same time. He looked so cute and sexy, seeing a large penis in various stages of penetration kind of freakishly sexy?

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