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    Straight Male / 24

    Usually after a night of drinking, on my way home, I stop in this upscale hotel to use their washrooms if the need arises. The washrooms are pretty large and fancy and nice to do your business in. One night I am at a urinal and a 40 year old guy comes in and does the same and begins talking to me. I can see him trying to look into my urinal to get a look at me. He asks me is I am gay and I tell him I am not. He asks if I would let him suck me off for $100. I told him again I wasn't gay. He tells me he didn't mind and that he would do all the work and all I would have to do is basically nothing for an easy $100. He pulls out a $100 bill which showed me he was serious and I began to think that it would be easy money, and even though he was a guy, it would most likely still feel good. I was about to say yes when he pulled out another $100 bill doubling his offer. I immediately accepted and he handed me the two $100 bills and told me to put them in my pocket. He asked if I wanted to do it out here or in one of the stalls. I figured the stall would be more private so I said the stall. The stall was roomer than most stalls so it wasn't going to be as cramped as I thought it would be. We put the toilet seat down and I sat on it with my cock out while he began to suck me. He paused at one point and said he wanted my legs over his shoulders but said my pants would need to come right off. I said "OK" and he said he would do it. He took my shoes off first so he would be able to slide my pants off. My pants were off along with my underwear and he decided to take my socks off too which he neatly put one into each shoe. I was sitting on the toilet again with my legs over his shoulders and him beginning to suck me again. He stopped again at one point and removed my shirt. Even though I was fully naked now I didn't mind because what he was doing felt real good and I was getting paid for letting him do it to me. I was getting real close to cummimg and he finished me with his hand. My cum shot on my chest, hit my face and some even got into my hair. He suggested I go out to the sink area the way I was and clean myself up. I was worried about being naked and he reassured me it was late and no one would walk in at this hour. I was standing there at the sink naked wiping my cum off my chest, face and hair. He looked at his watch and told me he had to go. I was left alone and quickly finished cleaning myself off and went to get dressed. I got dressed and quickly noticed the $200 was gone along with all my other money and wallet. I just got screwed over by him. It looks like this was just a clever way for him to rob me.

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    You were screwed then screwed again.

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    moments like that happened to me before.

    I was stored late one night while waiting for a train and a man asked me to his place and another time on a long distance coach! I'm not gay but your right feels good and who cares in the end, we live this life once right :)

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