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    Straight Female / 34

    I have been married 5 years to my husband. Because of the small town we live in, the rumors of his infidelity got back to me. We still have sex regularly, but the passion has waned since my daughter's birth. It has taken almost a month of planning and much drinking to leave him, but I did just that this past weekend. And I did it in style.

    When I found out he had been sleeping with one of my best friends, I concocted a plan. He came home from an " errand" he had to run. I knew where he had been. I waited until we went to bed and started stroking him, telling him I was in the mood. I went down on him for a while, getting him almost hard and told him I had a surprise for him. I told him it would be an unforgettable night. I took off my nightshirt and started kissing him. Then, I told him to spread his arms and legs as I took a few sections of soft clothesline I had hidden and tied him to the bed. I started sucking him again as I tied him down and told him to watch me. I got up and turned on some mood music and started dancing for him the way a stripper might I kept playing with my breasts and rubbing my nipples. In the dim light, I could see was was hard, so I sat on the big chair in the room and in plain sight, I started playing with myself. He was asking my to come over to him, but I told him the evening had just started.

    I spread my legs onto the arms of the chair, wet my fingers and started fingering myself. He was squirming, and I reached under the chair and pulled out a large rubber dildo. It was much larger than his cock, so I applied some lube and started rubbing it against my kitty. Soon, I started working it in. As I pushed deeper, I started talking dirty to him ( for the first time). Asking him if I was turning him on, if he wanted to fuck my pussy? I started pushing it all the way in, telling him how wet I was and how I wanted to cum. He kept begging me to come fuck, so I told him I wasn't ready for him yet.

    I went over and straddled his face, spreading my lips and teasing him as I just brushed them against his lips. His tongue kept trying to lick me, and I kept moving away. Then I sat on his face. I started smothering him as I ground against his node with my clit. While he was busy, I clicked on the TV.

    I got up and he turned his head to see his faithful wife, the mother of his daughter, fucking a very well endowed young man.

    A taste of his own medicine. As I was getting dressed, and going to get my daughter, he was watching as I rode one of the local teens who was enormous.

    My husband was screaming, and fighting the ropes. He was calling me all sorts of names. I asked him how Melody was, told him I knew all about them. I disconnected my phone from the tv and left him there.

    My daughter and I are several states away, looking forward to our new lives.

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    So you're a great role model for your daughter? You cheating did nothing except prove you're as bad as him. hopefully, you at least used protection!
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    Hey, #1, is that supposed to mean hubby was innocent? The boys club continues . . . . to FAIL!
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    I enjoyed your story, and dont blame you for wanting revenge, but the first thought that came to mind was, if youd done all that for your hubby all along, would he have cheated in the first place? That certainly doesnt justify his actions, he was clearly wrong, but I hear so many people both men and women, not put as much effort into a relationship, then they wonder why their spouse cheats.

    So *then* they ramp up the foreplay and sex activities, or then they lose that extra 20lbs for a "revenge body" or dress up sexy. If theyd done that to begin with the spouse might have not strayed.

    And again thats for BOTH men and women. Just my humble opinion...
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    Well said #1 and #3! Really kind of stupid for her to take the kid and pack up and leave like that as it gives the husband greater rights in the divorce. He gets a first rate lawyer and she is going to be screwed big time by the courts. His infidelity is just heresay. Hers is documented. Parties leaving the marital family home lose out big time when all is said and done. Lady you will get, or should I say not get, what you deserve. Meanwhile he will make out well when things are settled and he still has Melody or other women to keep him company. Sounds like a big win for him if you ask me.
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    Hurt the feelings of a hot bitch......people must sacrifice for their children....she could have stayed....guess he didn't have lots of money
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    If I found out that my wife (whom I love) was cheating I would never concoct an elaborate revenge like that. My sole thought is how sad it is that your marriage must have been so loveless.

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