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    Straight Male / 30

    A female family member and I had sex just recently. No it wasn't my mom or sister, nothing that perverse. I was visiting Julie and her husband for a family reunion, they had a spare bedroom to save me on hotel expenses.

    I went to bed about 11pm and I was sound asleep in minutes, the long travel day had worn me out. At some point I was awakened by someone on the bed moving around, with only a street lamp from the street I could see a person on my bed pulling something over their head.

    I sat up and a hand was on my mouth, I hear the female voice say "shhhhhh" quietly. It's Julie's voice. Before I can ask what she is doing, her mouth is on mine and she is pushing me back onto the bed.

    She's on top now, her tongue down my throat and Julie slides her hand around my cock. I feel myself get hard and when I'm fully erect, Julie mounts me and rides my cock. Slowly at first and then faster, her hips thrusting downwards. Her nails claw my bare chest as she starts to climax.

    Once Julie cums, she pulls me off the bed onto the thick carpet of the bedroom. She doesn't speak, she just lets me know it's my turn to be on top. I spread her legs and I enter Julie once again, she soaking wet and it turns me on to feel her so wet.

    I fuck her slowly, Julie pulls me down to kiss her as we fuck. By now I want to slam fuck her but I can't take the chance of making too much noise. Julie moans quietly, her breathing lets me know she is going to cum again soon.

    It takes all of my will to hold back when I finally release my hot load inside of her wet pussy. Julie lays under me as I pump my seed into her, her nails digging into my bare shoulders as I cum inside of her pussy.

    We lay there in the darkness on the thick carpet, both of us breathing hard and my knees are screaming from first degree carpet burns. Julie kisses me again deeply for several minutes before she lets me know she had to go back to her bedroom. She finds her short nightgown and slips it over her head, she kisses me once more as she disappears down the dark hallway to her bedroom.

    The next morning I woke to feel the sting on my knee's, they are still bright red from the carpet burn. I go to shower and I see Julie's nails marks on my shoulders, the ones on my back I would feel when the hot water hit them.

    At breakfast I sat with Julie and her husband at the table. Whenever her husband was looking Julie gave me the "look and smile." Honestly I felt bad, I never fucked any woman that I knew was married until now.

    Later when Julie's husband went to the store she told me if I was feeling guilty about last night, I could put that aside. It seems Julie's husband had been having an affair with a gal from his office and Julie found out about it.

    Julie and I had sex a few more times and that was it. I guess I was "revenge fuck" and once she felt she was even with her husband that was it. We still see each other at family get together's and sometimes we have a hot make out session when privacy permits. I admit I want to fuck her every time I see her...............

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