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    i thought i was home alone in the back yard i closed the gate when the naborhood stray dog a bull mastiff sniffed around my yard feelingsquirly i kikt my shorts offgot on all fours in seconds the dog was eatingmywinking asshole licking inside me deep i was havingassorgasmnonstop whenhe grab and mountedme his wet dogdick poking asscrack in 5 humps he hit home ramed 7incjhesfirstthrust heballanced his hind feet he began fucking my ass at record speed going deeper till he knocked the air out my lungs hitting bottomas i cametoo his tennis ball knot had burried in my ass we were knotted his dick pulsed throbed and swelled larger than a beer bottle squirting sperm into my gutswhat seem like forever he spermed my ass i was humping back cum flowing out my cock**touched by me i love my ass pounded he was now ass to ass i now fucked back keepingit moving in me as i looked upi came face to facewithmy gf s budding preteen daughter who was watchingthefuckfest and her right hand wildly fingerfuckingher self i yelled for her to go to her room she ask why i sead cuz this wild rabbed dog jumped me and is r****g me when he found me face down sun bathing she sead oh pulled out her girlgoo drenched hand turnt and rsaan itothe house i farted out ploped the dogs dick anda river of doggoo doggy sat licking his huge horse size swolen cock felt like i just gave birth to a 20 pound assbaby jeez what a aeternoon somthing movies are made from. chao putos. sorry im a lovere not a wrighter

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    Your the getto kid right

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