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    Lesbian Female / 29

    I keep asking her 'Now What?'

    We have been roommates for over a year. She had rented the house and with one thing and another she needed a roommate to make the rent and I answered the ad. This is how we met, totally random. I had my job and she had her job, but all the time off we spent together. We were compatible from the start.

    The problem began one night we were out at this dance place, and this guy kept making the move on me and getting me to dance. She wouldn't dance, when I got back to the table she was angry that I had left her alone. She was pouting and asked me why I wasn't dancing with her. On the dance floor with her, she was extroverted, I didn't realize she was putting on the show for me, she kept grabbing my hands and twirling under my arms. When this one piece was over she put her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. That night when we left the club she hung on to my hand.

    When we got home, back to the house we rented together, she sat down on the couch with her dress all the way up her legs and threw out her hands and asked me to come over and give her a kiss. She had her legs open and her arms out and she asked for a kiss again. I walked over slowly, she grabbed my hand and pulled me down to her and wrapped her legs around me and insisted on a mouth to mouth kiss, a mouth to mouth with her being very hungry for a kiss and I was leaning on her and she had her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and the kisses kept coming all over my face and my mouth and her hands moved down my back and over my ass and then around my front and up to my boobs.

    'Let's go to the bedroom', we went to her bedroom and she got completely naked in a half a minute and was tearing at my clothes to get naked and she fell to her knees and pushed her face up into my pussy. She was crazy wild and she got up and threw herself back on her bed with her legs spread wide open and asked me to get on top of her and fuck her. I was still half dressed and she was on her back opening and closing her legs and pleading/begging me to get naked and fuck her. Personally I had never had a girl do that, and I had never done that, lay back like that and beg to get fucked. A naked girl like that, all I could look at was her pussy when she opened her legs, not her face or her breasts, just her pussy.

    The moment took me over and I got undressed and got on top of her and told her to slow down I didn't know what I was doing, but she wasn't slow at all, she had her fingers in me and was pumping me and took my hand and more or less forced me to get my fingers in her and she kept saying to fuck her, to fuck her. There wasn't a lot of kissing, just groping and grabbing and fingering and slobbering around in pussy. I was aroused, I know the feeling, it is just that I kept slipping between arousal and trying to manage what I was doing, planning what I was going to do next. She wasn't, she slapped me on the face to get my attention, to pay attention to her and fuck her. She had an orgasm, pretty hard one, but I didn't. After she settled down I sat up and stared at her, naked like that on the bed. That is when I asked myself 'Now What?', now what the hell happened and what was this all about.

    She is the girlfriend, all girlfriend, day and night. A high maintenance girl who wants to cuddle all day, won't let me take a nap, she lays down beside me and asks me to hold her, the girl who is always going around looking for things for us to do, comes home with this and that for me, writes my name and hers on everything, napkins at restaurants, on envelopes she corrects the name and adds us both, she posts things about us, pictures, what we did, what we are going to do, anyone that reads her fb page or anyone that she has a text with knows that she is with me.

    I have no privacy, everyone at work knows about her because she comes to my work to see me. I am more naturally reserved. Of course I can't go a day without her, I am just as possessive but not as open as she is. I suggested that we share a little something for Christmas, maybe a little heart on our breast with our initials, nothing splashy, a heart with her and me. That I can do, I can see it, no one but her can see it. I saved up and bought her a ring, a band with two diamonds, one for her and one for me.

    Now what? I guess somehow we are together, I need to her to settle down and take things seriously, I'm always the adult one and she is always the kid one. A little bit of adult in her would help. I mean if she is going to wear the ring I got her, I need her to be committed to being mine. Because somehow she has me committed to being hers.

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