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    Straight Female / 26

    Nine months ago I entered a hotel room occupied by one of my bosses and a man who was a senior executive of another company. It was a sex meeting, where I was the pay off for the executive to sign up for a business deal. There wasn't much in the two hours I spent getting fucked, and anything else you can probably think, we didn't do.
    From sucking on their cocks countless times, to licking their assholes as each man fucked both my holes. Double vaginal and anal, plus every conceivable position you can imagine. By the time I showered with the executive, where he fucked my asshole yet again, I'd taken three loads of cum from both men, and had had many many orgasms myself.
    The pay off for me was a promotion and a large financial bonus once the deal was signed.
    Throughout the nine months I tried and succeeded in maintaining an air of respectability in my new role, but now I have a problem.
    My boss lost his job recently and the company I worked for, have been taken over by the senior executives company. He immediately on gaining control, gave me a new position and a far better salary. It's mostly under him you could say, as he fucks me two to three times a week, either in his office or at the same hotel we first had sex. Which in any other circumstances wouldn't be a problem.
    But my circumstances have changed as I'm now dating a really wonderful man. He also works for our new chief boss, but as a consultant. Only the other day I overheard my boss telling him he has a ongoing sexual relationship with a female staff member. He didn't say who, but did say he could find out next month when they're both going to be traveling over to Canada for business. I've already been told I'm taking the trip too, and will be expected to "Entertain" my boss and his favorite consultant.
    Now what the fuck do I do ?.......

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    If the story is true, Considering your nothing but a SLUT then let them all fuck you. Simple no? But honestly the old stories about the high level execs have ALWAYS been bullshit, you know why? Logic. If someone was really in that position the last thing on earth they'd be doing is writing here :) I'm a business owner, I know. Nice try :)

    And why am I here then? ...

    Welcome to the real world.
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    Fuck them both....bring plenty of lube!
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    3 loads of cum from both men in 2 hours? You should expand your business to the rest of us.

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