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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    It's been a long long time coming, literally, but now I've finally fucked my first piece of male ass. And from now on it's always going to be on tap. That's because the young man I chose to fuck is my wife's son Aiden. He's my nineteen year old step son and it was him who initiated everything by walking upto me in our bedroom naked. His mom was out shopping, so I took full advantage and had him suck my cock, before I fucked his cute little asshole all ends up. It truly was an awesome fuck. And he came like a fountain with my cock pounding his asshole as he rode my length. Filling his ass with my cum was such an amazing experience, I stayed hard deep inside him and carried on fucking him. With Aiden biting my pillow, I fucked him so hard and for so long the bed nearly gave way. And Aiden and I haven't stopped fucking these past few days, every single chance we get. God I wish I'd have fucked a young gay sluts ass sooner.

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    The most intense orgasm of my life was when a dad gave me sloppy seconds on his college, football, jock son. I thought I was going to pass out, cum a gallon and barely went soft. I told the dad to shove his dick in his son's mouth and I fucked him again.
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    My mom's boyfriend, now my stepdad didn't touch me before he and Mom got married. They dated for two years and got married when I was still fourteen.

    I'd been fooling around with other boys already and would run around in my underpants, kinda teasing him. I knew I looked cute and he liked looking too. He saw me getting fucked at a sleepover just before school started at the end of the summer.

    It was with two boys that I regularly hung out with and we'd all be running around in our tighty-whities at our sleepovers. I was the submissive one and it was like an cute twink's mating ritual. All pretty and preppie looking boys wrestling, tickling with little stiffies in white boys briefs till I'd give in.

    Stepdads was my first mancock and it was like I was virgin all over again. I'm his boyslut and he likes it when I wear my mom's and sister's panties. I like it too cause it makes him happy.
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    My mom was clueless about her thirteen year old son's (me)sexuality but the first guy she dated after Mom and Dad's divorce guessed it. I got face fuckd by him after their first date and he was getting into my freshly cute boypanties after their second date.
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    Comments #2 and #3 sound as though they're written by the same frequently commenting pae do.

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