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    Things happened when I was an underage teen. My mother found us. She said now you're married, that was it, now you're married and that was that. I couldn't even get married then, not even with her permission. And he didn't want to get married, he had plans and dragging me along wasn't in his plans. He wanted to go to California, not have a sissy girl on his hands. But my mom insisted that judge or no judge, I was married, once you did it, you were married.

    I got put into home ec at school. Me? in home ec! God it was terrible, all the girls in there deserved to be in home ec. I was given laundry duty at home, every week, everyone's laundry, washed, folded, ironed, put away. If I complained she would tell me that I had screwed around so live with it, no daughter of hers was going to make her look bad, if I was old enough to screw I was old enough to do laundry and housekeeping and cooking.

    Because of my age I had supervised visits from my boyfriend. My grandmother had to be in the house and she kept herself in the den while we stayed in the living room. He came to see me on Thursday's after work and I had to have a little something for him to snack on when he came calling. My grandmother was the hostess police, everything had to be in order when he came calling. I didn't call it that, I called it that he was coming over because if not he was going to be talking to the judge and he didn't want to do time. The judge finally agreed to marry us, I was 14 and he was 27. The condition though was that I stayed home until I was 16 and if we lived together he was supposed to move in. Married or not, he did not get permission to move in and he had to continue with supervised visits.

    My mother told me that I could get intimate once I was ready to raise a kid, not before.

    By the time I was 16 we were allowed to be intimate, my father stepped in and told my mother and grandmother that the whole machinations of what they did was wrong. I should have just been let to learn my lesson and my husband his.

    I waited until I was 18 and finished high school before I started making babies.

    At the time I thought my mother was nuts, crazy nuts. Now, looking back on it, she wasn't nuts, she was scared. Lucky for me that I caught a keeper because he stayed with me all these years, even if he did have to finish raising me, when he tells the story.

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    Yet another negative account indicating a severe lack of discipline within the family unit even though she admits to being raised by not only a mother, but a father as well.
    The rampant, epidemic mental disease of liberalism is the sole factor for this poor contribution to society. Unaccountable & irresponsible breeding should be laced with consequences ; every individual involved in this terrible account should be sentenced to sterilization to PREVENT any further transmission of their unacceptable genetic code.

    It appears females never heard of the ease to simply take birth control pills & if they have, they are just too dang stupid to take them.
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    dickhead above- Read it again, she wasn't pregnant, just promiscuous.
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    Sounds like a good loving mother and grandmother. Dad sounds lame.
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    Sounds like a young girl that got taken advantage of. Mr hard-on stood by societies morals and got his virgin wife out of the deal. Everyone needs to be looking at sex as natural from the time they are 10 years old like it's really nothing unusual so they can learn not to have unwanted kids that turn out like #1

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