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    Bi-Sexual Male / 39

    I am a Corporate VP serving as a temporary Divisional Director for a district facility of a major corporation. Currently divorced, I am bisexual and doubt I will ever marry again or live with anyone. Why? I like the freedom of having visitors (male and or female) when ever I like and for how ever I like. I came here as a temporary assignment 4 months ago so this is my first Christmas with this staff and 400+ employees.

    One of the females who works in the accounting office is this drop dead, dark haired, brown eyed, short, petite 27 year old. Yes, she is hot, but I would never screw her. This company has a "Zero Tolerance Policy" for sex with any employee.

    I have to spend a lot of time at work, including late evenings/nights and Saturdays. So, when I am going to work, until the part-timers leave at 9PM, I take a couple of hours off late afternoon. This is not a regular work schedule, but it does happen. For me, its a great time to hit the adult book stores and theater to relieve a little tension. 2 months ago while at the theater this very attractive, light skinned, black man came in and stood at the back. once his eyes adjusted he came and set a few seats away from me. Later he said, because we were the only ones in there wearing white shirts and neck ties. And, I thought it was my good looks. Later he did compliment my good looks. Anyhow, it wasn't long until he pulled out this really thick black cock. My eyes zeroed in on it like the gun sites of a weapon. He scooted over to the seat beside me and my heart skipped a beat. Before I could react he had reached for my hand placing it on his cock. OH MY GOD! I could not reach around the base (it tapered some to toward the head). He reached for my cock and began to stroke. That is when I saw the wedding band on his hand and knew there was one lucky female somewhere in this big city.

    To my shock he leaned over taking my cock into his hot, wet mouth clamping down like vice grip with his lips and a suction like a Hoover vacuum. He began sucking and in a few minutes I told him I was close, but he continued and I savored the attention. I was barely able to hold the head of his drooling cock which was trapped under his stomach. I cum like a fountain and he took every drop, even licking my cock head when he came off. I was on his dick before it got set up straight and I was barely able to get the head and some dick in my mouth. He placed his hand on the back of my head hunching his cock head in and out of my mouth> Did he ever white washed my tonsils and did so in only a few minutes.

    We pulled ourselves together and left for the bathroom while the other men around us were still jacking to the live show they just witnessed. We talked in the bathroom and exchanged numbers. He left first leaving me in the bathroom. I got to see his monster cock in the light and even sucked on it some more but he told me he had to save some for his wife that night. I was so turned on I went back into the theater and got another blow job.

    It was two agonizing weeks before he text me. I had given up on the hopes of ever meeting him again. I wanted to take a long lunch hour one day and get his ass in my bed. Well, that did happen but there isn't enough grease in the world to get me loose enough to take that dick any further than the head and three of four inches. He told me I could take more than his wife's pussy and the only times he has ever had a full (to the pubs penetration) was in a man 's ass. Even then it took months of loosening him to do so, or other times men would fuck had an ass first to get it loose for him. I am not a real bottom, but I wanted that one in my ass and I wanted it all. I still want it all.

    Last Saturday night we had the company Christmas party and when that gorgeous, black headed, brown eyed, fox in my accounting department came in with her husband on her arm You got it, folks. That big dicked, light skinned, black man I met at the adult theater and whose cock I crave in my "not a bottom ass." When she introduced him we gave a Golden Globe Performance. After the meal the band struck up and the dancing began. I went to the bathroom and no sooner closed the stall door when I the hall bathroom door open and heard my name. I pissed and came out to stand at the basin where I got one good group of his cock and he patted my ass.

    The owner of the company knows I am bi, thanks to my ex wife. Fortunately, he could care less. I have never had sex with him and never will, however, we have had some frank, open and very honest conversations regarding male-on-male sex, as well as men and women. He admitted a friend blew him in college, as is the case with so many men. However, many who have will never admit it. Anyhow, I called him Monday morning sharing my new discovery. He laughed and then told me to enjoy the next few weeks because he has been planning on transferring me to the west coast in February because he was promoting a man from another location.

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