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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 27

    So I haven't been financially stable especially this month having to pay 2 houses all on my own
    So somewhere along the way I met this guy just chatting nothing serious and one day he says he wants to meet up

    So I agree eventually...we had a great time just having drinks actually having a real conversation
    Think I had a little too much to drink and things got a little intense and hit..
    On the way home he puts my hand on his cock I hesitated at first but eventually just thought fuck it might as well been going through alot and needed to take my mind of things

    So we ended up at my place and next thing we knew I was against the wall outside already
    He was huge so it felt good to be picked up for change ..
    We brought it into the house eventually after some muffing and cock sucking.
    Now i just had a miscarriage and I was still bleeding a bit but he didnt care and in the movement neither did I. We fucked for a few hours and when we were done the words just came out
    "Do you have money for me?" Surprisingly he took out a 600 and face it to me ... he gave me one last kiss and left
    Now I'm wondering if I just prostituted myself ??? Did I like it ?? Will that be the last now that I know I can get money from spreading my legs ..I'm dying to tell my best friend but we don't talk anymore there you go adult confession ..You then first...

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    I've done it for the money before and I'm a man ...big ups to you..keep doing what you need to do ,you have a pussy let it work for you
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    No, it's not prostitution unless you have understood and agreed in advance that you're offering sex in return for money. You asked him for a favour AFTERWARDS - he did you favour - just an act of kindness between two friends, that's all.
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    Don't matter what we think you're still a whore and if some idiot wants to give you money and you want money.....go just need to play the I'm all innocent game like most women do to get the with more than 20 dollars have no respect for prostitutes

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