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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 31

    Having no money to buy the kids Christmas presents after my husband was made redundant only months ago, I finally said yes to Frank one of neighbors. He's forty nine divorced and has always hit on me, but in a nice way.
    Talking to him over the fence, I told him we were struggling with finances and with Christmas coming up, it was hard. Frank said "I'd loan you the money if you'd like". I replied by telling him we might not have the money to give him back for some time. Frank smiled at me and said "You don't have to give a penny back, pay me back in kind".
    With my husband out looking for work, I followed Frank into his home and put a down payment on the loan he was going to advance us. For nearly an hour we had some of the best sex I've ever had. Franks cock isn't overly long, about seven inches, but it is very thick and it and him took me to one orgasm after another, as he fucked both my pussy and ass. By the time I walked back into our home, I was sexually exhausted yet feeling so alive at the same time.
    The following day after dropping the kids off at school, I called by his home again and spent the whole morning learning new ways to be fucked and have my pussy and ass worshiped by Franks extremely dexterous mouth and tongue.
    So far we've had sex eight separate times. And each time it just gets better and better, with Frank fucking me for longer and longer. I know I shouldn't be enjoying it as much as I am, but once we got the money, I couldn't stop wanting Frank's awesome cock.

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    How much did you get so far?
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    Sad. At 31 is this the best you can do... So sad
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    Its hot.
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    Kind of in the same boat here. Only there are plenty of older widows or spinsters around me. No doubt all these ladies are have had the change and are as dry as can be inside. Not an ideal situation. If only a few of these gals would consider it I'd be a busy man for some time.
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    I hope your husband does the same to you with your best friend :)
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    Clues that is a bullshit story written by a neckbeard living in his mother's basement:
    1. His cock isn't too long, only 7 inches. That is above average, except in stories.
    2. They immediately had lots of amazing anal sex.
    3. She had multiple orgasms the first time they had sex, even though she was doing it for money.
    4. She did it for money, but kept coming back for his 'awesome cock'.

    These bullshit stories always contain exactly these four identical elements.
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    I'm a knuckle dragger living in my mothers basement and even I don't believe even half the stories posted on here. You can always tell when some faggot writes about how he got it up the ass and all these women on here get both holes filled"....
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    Got news for #6 and #7... There are millions of men and women out there in the real world, who do have lots and lots and lots of sex. And many of those men and women enjoy vaginal and anal sex too. Indeed I'm a female who adores her husband fucking her asshole, but also one who enjoys her neighbors sons cock too. Something I might add, my husband knows about. Maybe you two need to get out of your bedrooms and experience real life. Because believe me, it's out there boys.......

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