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    Straight Female / 19

    I hate my body because every time I have an orgasm whether I do it myself or have sex with a guy my pussy gets so wet and like gushes our fluid. It's embarrassing. It makes it look like I wet the bed when we're done. If I am with a guy I really like and want to be with for a long time I don't even want to have an orgasm because I think that he will think something is wrong with me. When I masturbate I have to put a towel under me so it won't get all over the sheets. is this normal and does anyone else have this problem?

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    It normal. Most guys love it. I love laying down with my wife 69 and her gushi g all over my face and me drinking her juice. Mmm xx
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    Cool thanks it still embarrassing tho..mmm that sounds hot wish I could watch that you should make a vid of that!
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    He's right most guys get off On that I wish my pussy would squirt when I cum
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    It's normal... relax and enjoy the sex.
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    Love squirters and would love to tango with you. Maybe I can help you get over that problem. Where are you located? Feel free to contact me and send pic duffy.snow@@att.**t.
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    Yum! Nothing better than a wet pussy! Drown me in those sweet juices! You will be some lucky guy's goddess!
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    I donât care for it but some guys do! So donât hold out. Just find someone who gets turned on by it and let loose! Good luck.
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    My wife, we've been married 32 years now, told me a few years back that she had been holding back because she was afraid of getting "messy", squirting, while we where having sex. I told her go for it, and we put a rubber sheet under the normal sheet.

    She, with much coaxing from me, just let herself go--screams, thrashing around, and really letting her orgrams take over. She squirts like a fountain! So incredibly hot, and it is not pee that is coming out either.

    Since she started letting go, I've seen her have 5 orgasms, each immediately after the other like one big one that comes in huge waves, in a row and our love sessions can last for hours.

    I am one happy hubby and she is one incredibly sexy woman.
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    #8 thats hot. I had the pleasure of being with a squirter. It's nice to see confirmation that you are satisfying them. Why should guys be the only ones who ejaculate??? Lol. Enjoy!!! Post videos!!! Newbienudes, would love to see it.
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    What you are experiencing is normal.

    Some women pee when they orgasm, but there are rare batch of women who squirt, or even kind of ejaculate. The word comes from that it reminds of male ejaculation.

    I have met only one woman who had female ejaculation. Depending on her cycle she either squirted like a fountain, or it was thicker and flowed out of her. It tasted sweet, had no smell, was slick and there were only a teaspoonfull of it.

    Then I have met lots of women who just pee when they have orgasm, it may be odorless and colourless, but it is like water. To check it out, try to do it in the morning, if it has colour, then it is pee and not squirting orgasm. I have managed to get all the woman who I'm been with to pee during orgasm. Every single one of them. Including her who had female ejaculation.

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