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    Straight Female / 27

    I need money...I'm dead broke
    There are a few guys I know who will pay for a good fuck but should it even be an option
    Do I ask my friend to bring all his Nigerian friends for a few rounds to make through the month

    It's bitter sweet I could use a good fuck myself but I need the money too..
    Do I mix business with pleasure ?

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    Do what you have to do ...
    Just remember why you doing it and don't get trapped between pleasure and business's nothing to be embarrassed about
    24 days ago
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    U could come eat my pushy a change for u I'm so wet and horny and it will be worth all the money in the world I'll eat ur pussy make u squirt swallow everything just please come eat and play with my wet pussy
    24 days ago
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    Where are you?
    24 days ago
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    Sounds like you want a gangbang, why not get paid in the process?
    24 days ago
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    There are just a few things to watch out for and the primary one is STD.
    24 days ago
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    are you in nyc?
    20 days ago

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