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    Bi-Sexual Female / 18

    I used to be Ted ,a tall chubby white male who was chosen for a sexual reajustment surgery and now I am Candy ,an 18 year old sexxy looking high school cheerleader.I wasnt prepared for such a drastic and positive change but I have adjusted and am happy .I was mated with Jackson,,a 23 year old college foot ball star who is tall built like from stone and black. Obviously since he is a black male he does have a huge ten inch cock that is thick as a can of beans but also stays hard as a rock at all times .When he shoots his load his cock doesnt falter and he just takes off fucking some more.He has his poor wifes pussy so stretched out and sore from the abuse but she never denies him sex no matter how many times he has fucked her already this morning.When he hsa to stop because he will be late for work his wifes pussy has his thick cum flowing from it like a blroke faucet.Her ass hole is stretched and gaping so wide it looks like a tenis ball will pass through her hole without touching the sides.Last is her mouth and face,,it looks like she was sprayed in the face with a cum filled high preasure hose .Her whole head is completely coated and it is seeping from her ears eyes and nose.Since she first had sex with her husband all she as able to taste and small is his thick cum .One day she broke down and pleaded with him to give her poor body a break.She told him she had found three wgirls younger than her with the same body type that would be suitable to use as her replacement while she recovered.All three women are now sexually satisfied and living together with each other as the wives of this happy black man

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