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    Straight Male / 27

    My girlfriend has no idea but three times a week I go visit three men at there homes and stay with them for site a few hours.

    One is Peter. He's 37 and single. I got to his place every Tuesday and always arrive around 9pm. He makes me dress up for him in white tights anda black leotard with long arms. The leotard is a size too small for me so it's really tight. I just stand up and he comes from behind me inn silence and takes my cock out and wanks it for me. He talks about my girlfriend while he's doing it and when i shoot he squeezes my balls very tightly and tells me to shoot.

    The other man I see is Ricky, he is 48 and we both sit at a table in his place and he brings out lots of pictures of schoolgirls and while I'm looking at them he wanks me. I see him on Thursdays.

    John is 38 and he likes me to show him pictures of my girlfriend. I have some large pictures of her. And different to the other men he likes to squeeze my balls tightly as he watches me wank to her.

    All in all I'm getting wanked silly between five and eight times a week.

    I never touch the men they just like Wanking me.

    It feels strange but good too. All three are very good at it.

    Letter told me about another friend of his that's looking for a cock so I'll be meeting them both this next week. Maybe they want to take my cock in turns. I don't mind. If one wanks me then the other too although from what I understand Peter wants to wank me while his friend is sucking the end of it. That will make me shoot in his mouth.

    Anyway I fuck my girlfriend like she's a rubber dolly and she loves it. I don't think she minds if men wank me too. The more they wank it the bigger it seems to get so good for her.

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