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    you see these cutesy poses of enduring and endearing fondling duping delights and sick puppy looks that look so childish and lack restraint in her. every shot of hers to every member of the family to seek to win their approval like some puppy hungry for approval and lapping up the big sausage with glutton mind and a rather over endowed ego that so many women do today. She talks over the top of him and tells him brazen words to not say much and you can clearly see the look of irritation about being asked questions and like he is straight annoyed. so he ought to be for the rest of his life with her.royals will be royals. may those two like his sibbling before him rot in hell with their tacky unclassy wives. the only reason I can believe is she has been welcomed into the family eariler because they are actually already married and what is real news? she makes her news happen with her publicity manager. my guess is this guy has played around and secretly married a few and its the sneaky cunning ones who make up a line of "oh I think I am pregnant and its on for push to marry so they often do marry secretly as I have seen photos that look that way and then the real wedding is a plot of conniving. anyways, a niggo woman will always be a gold dinger. wait til the marriage gets boring like it does for all of them. wait til the hot new chicks come on the scene in media and the fatties they turned down look amazing after her wedding. i mean its all down hill for her from here, she can't wear hollywood and be normal as a royal. she will be like princess grace she was a bit attractive more so then this hollywood one but she got fat old and ugly very quick and stale. i don't think she could hold a candle to diana or grace, the one thing I liked about grace was that she said modestly she wanted to be remembered for being a decent person that cared. well this one dosen't care. any decent woman would have said "I have been married it wouldn't look good to the media and world for you to marry a older previous divorced woman when there are so many single young british women or other women who don't need the hollywood limelight to be worthy of being royal. infact the hollywood part makes her look so tacky. but good luck to her she got what she wanted all the women who are single and never married envying her guts out but he is not much of a physical or mental catch like the other one. so they will need her money. and half her sneaky ass luck. i wouldn't stand a chance with him cuz i am too old and not rich but i think i have more general class and know who i am not play acting characters and being barebum for money. i would fit in with a more modest older money set and select set from other royal cultures then theirs. I am too fuddy duddy for any young royal. I hope the queen knows what she is doing. its confusing people what she has allowed, but the times they are a changing in heaps of bad ways. what will it be like in ten years time. and I wonder when the real genuine people of this world will be rewarded and loved and get money and great jobs and find their loves when all the queens brood have taken all the best and spat them out buggered up after a dose of royal rock n roll around the bedroom you would come away rattled and shattered to say the least. I am too shy and too modest, too humble as well. all I am saying is megan is no class and no beauty and no catch and those pathetic sweet cute longing looks she gives the older royals is gross. childish and lacking in personal grooming manners for outings. its like the found her at the dump or pound and threw her in the family at christmas and he has to comfort her. and the silly photos are so black and white candids rather then traditional royal portraits but look they had to change if they bring in some one as different as her. i just am sick of black people doing their black thing with bling and no modesty. and the tongue sticking out is so hollywood but not monarchy as my mother said "you can tell brash young breeding, and new money"! royalty copying miley ray cyrus ? what next? definately a pre-nup needed cuz i really don't think this marriage will last as they are all getting some on the side and also the queen undercuts nicer girls for men for her own brood of brumstucks grrruls in the family. the nicer girls don't stand a chance against beatrice and bea and hiltons and all the other bitches out there. and harry has broken a few guys hearts stealing girls from men. that is a book all in itself that the royals could have writen on them all, how they stole other peoples husbands and wives and boyfriends and lovers and chicks. cuz they all guilty for it even when married they are at it. anything half way quality they try to steal from nicer women who are more modest and shy and its like the movie says "the crown must always win" in bed and at work and at being the best fake nice people sucking up to press and making all other women and men feel cheap, common and less and ugly and trashy when actually its them who are trashy and they are fake royals not true bloods. I think Prince Charles is doing the right thing however planning to not live at BUCK PALACE when the queen dies because it should be used to make money and give back to its subjects that went without for all that gold laced over everything.

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    well there is no way they can get out of the marriage now, since going public announcing engagement and wedding. royals just don't work that way and back track at least until a few years and at least 2 kids. actually I am predicting that kate will be so expecting that she won't be at the wedding and that has been done deliberately just like how they shut diana out at fergies and andrews wedding after carriage departure but there is a reason for everything and we don't find out til later, however that does sound like a good idea for a book or documentary the hearts the royals broke, and the lives they fringed up. there is some agenda for them to go catholic to get diana to have a sainthood given to her I think as well.
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    Break your posting into paragraphs as they urged you to do. I did not bother to read it and others will react similarly.

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