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    Straight Female / 40

    I recently went shopping at the mall. I always park pretty far from the doors because I have newer truck that I don't want dings in. I am 40 years old, married, white, have 2 grown kids and I really do adore my husband. Getting back to what happened, I left to go to my truck and opened the passenger side back door o set my bags in. As I walked around to my door I noticed a car parked next to me. I only noticed the head of the person and could only see that it was a black man. I got in my truck and just happened to look over again and realized it was a younger black man and he was masturbating in his car. Now I have never been in a situation like this in my life and was absolutely shocked but also kind of frozen. I have watched plenty of porn in my life and seen big dicks but never one like his in person. It was massive. Very thick and very long. I have never been attracted to black men and I'm still not but I definitely was attracted to his dick. I pulled my head away from watching and put my keys in the ignition. As I cranked my truck I looked once more. He had rolled his window down and obviously knew I had been looking. He urged me to roll my window down and I did about halfway. He asked if I liked what I saw but I didn't answer. He threw something in my window and I just pulled off and left. I looked at what it was and it was his number. So now I have his number and can't get the sight of his big cock off my mind. I even found myself comparing my husband to what I saw and and to be honest felt a little disappointed. I have not thrown the number away and I have this crazy temptation to text him. I don't know if it's because of the size of what I saw, the fact that he is young, the fact that he is black, or a combination of them all.

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    wow that happend to me once as i walked from the beach to my car to change my shorts my big j-lo ass cheeks made them rpi down the back seam exposing all my long deep asscrack passinh between a long camper truck and a sadan tinted side glassthe window droped there one foot away a big fit black man leaning back seat reclined stroking a 13inch thick as a soda can with a mushroom head i stopedlooking down in at it he saw me lick my mouthmy exposed asshole winked twitchid hungry for that dick in me i sead excuse me but you sure have a very tasty looking hunk of meat there mister he u like what you see puting hands on his door i leaned in getin a close look i say no i dont like it i f....g love it and wish i could be sucking on it not talking he say get in show a n***a i got in window up no one could look in and as folks passing to and from viehichals i suckeh and swallowed the first wad the other 4 i took in the butthole he took me to his spot a year and a half ago he still does this jerking to strangers from his car and when he gets home he pounds my boypussy for hours he tells me he cant get enough of my fuckhole and his record is buttfucking my hole 9 times in one day i never say no to that n***a im sprung on his n****rdick
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    ive noticed that black dudes dont give a phuck if yuz a boy or girl white ass is ass n***az never turn down white ass boy or girl they just want somepolace toburry dat bone . the only dick i let fuck my butt is bbc .PARKINGENTRY

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