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    Straight Female / 37

    After my Dad left my mom, my mom found a boyfriend. My little sister, she was 14 at the time, was the object of his affection. She responded by hugging him, letting herself be kissed, snuggling with him, slutting for him in her pajamas, sitting inappropriately, and he lapped it all up, holding her, hugging her, rubbing her behind, petting her, kissing her. I was disgusted, my mom didn't want to make waves.

    One Sunday morning my sister went and got in bed with him while my mom showered. When she walked into the room he was on top of her, she swears he hadn't penetrated her, but I doubt it. After that my Mom put some boundaries, but when she wasn't around my sister got on him and she got dick. I was 21 and going to college part time and working part time. I confronted my Mom, she pretty much called me out for being jealous.

    My sister got so much sex and I got none. We reacted on opposite sides of the coin. A man touching me gave me the chills, she needed the closeness he gave her. I eventually gave myself to a guy from work, I was thirty. My sister lives in a man's arms, she is over affectionate. I even thought I could be gay, interesting but not for me.

    It took a long time to agree with my Mom, I was jealous, I am jealous, I just can't give myself up like she does. It is painful for me, it is not in my nature to go to a man like she does, I wish I could. I can't just let him fuck me.

    How do you give in?

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    You are self guarding. Go back to the source of what began to cause this and deal with it. Maybe it was initially your dad leaving you started this mind set. Could be several things in your life.
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    Your word choice betrays you. "I can't just let him fuck me."

    You're viewing yourself and your sister as objects to be used, not participants. She has figured out what she likes and actively pursues dick.

    She participates, she gets as good as she gives.

    Loosen up some and decide what YOU want. You may surprise yourself if you can get past the idea that all sex boils down to you being used by your partner as a breathing masturbation aid.
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    You take yourself WAY too seriously. RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Number 3 and 4 are right. Go over there and give your Daddy a kiss and let your hand rub on his cock, kind of like it was on accident. Hahah

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