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    Straight Female / 20

    Been kind of a slut this holiday season. Went back home, saw all my high school friends and fucked 6 of them. Not in one night but through out these past 2 weeks. Also let one of my cousins fuck me, don't know why just happened. Plus I think he told his brother cause he's been hanging around me with full of innuendos. Don't know whats happened to me just feel horny all the time and want a dick in me. If I continue like this might have to call up some friends to help me out. my pussy is out of control. first thing i'll do when i get back to school is get a pregnancy test.

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    We hope you die of deceased before slit. Your worth nothing to ANYONE. Nothing. Die in silence so you don't disturb anyone. Worthless piece of human shit.
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    Understood. I ran into a friend/acquaintance at the sports bar I go to just this past Tuesday. She was waiting for someone who didn't show up, so sat with me and we chatted, flirted, and had fun. Really only met her twice before, but, ended up at my house, fucking her like crazy. Next day, I get a text "What's up, hotness?", followed by "I'm really horned up. Come get me and fuck me again". So I did.

    Early last night, same thing. Come get me and fuck me. Another three times with her from early evening until way late. She told me "I don't know what is is about you, but you really get me going and I need to fuck you, a lot". Again, I don't even know her all that well, but I feel the same way. She has that so sexy mix of hot, beautiful, very physical, and wrong side of the tracks girl. The longer she's in this always need cock mood, the longer I'll give it to her.
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    #1 Chill out. Geez

    Girl it's call raging hormones. It happens just some it just effects is a larger amount.
    Enjoy yourself and be sex safe.
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    good stories, very good. keep on fucking and be safe.
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    Plan B ASAP. Glad you are having fun but having a kid isn't a good idea for you or the kid.
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    I LOVED Your confession! Keep on getting Cock Girl! If You LOVE to fuck, then get into it and fuck all of the Guys You want! I hope some of those Guys You fucked have Big Cocks. Yeah baby, keep on getting the Cock You so obviously LOVE!
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    I recognize #1 respondent who thinks he will feel better about his two inch hard cock if he attacks every poster on this site. At some point he will be mature enough to realize that it does not help him. Unfortunately, he will still have a two-inch hard-on.
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    Love your confession! it also happens to me every once in a while. I go a whole weekend getting at much cock as I can. Men are easy and love pussy and i love cock.

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