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    Straight Female / 24

    We married because I got pregnant, and not because I loved him. He was fun, he was a good guy to be around in some ways. And we used to have an okay time in bed too. After the birth of OUR daughter he began to change. He no longer wanted the type of sex I liked to have, telling me that was how HE liked to fuck sluts (Nice, thanks). But now I was his wife and we had a daughter, his and our sexual life had to "Rationalize". Or in other words become totally and utterly boring.
    In November (Eighteen months after our marriage) I had a chat to his father Robert (Robby) about our "Rationalization" of sex, and I watched my father in law laugh. He told me straight out his son was still fucking sluts every week and see's me as his "Homebird". The mother of HIS child and someone to take care of HIS home.
    Without any hesitation and in anger I suppose, I offered myself to Robby. His response was to give me the sexual time of my life over a three hour period. Making me orgasm in many different and wonderful ways from oral, vaginal and anal stimulation, that I actually lost myself fully in his expert sexual charms. Robby is fifty one years old. Yet he knows more about sex and how to pleasure a woman, than his son will ever learn in ten lifetimes.
    Afterwards and I was very open about us fucking, I asked Robby why he'd cheated on his son, as he knew my reason. My father in law said "Because I don't want to lose my grandchild". We chatted for a long time about his son and me and why I wasn't going to move away from our area, but I resolved I was going to end our short marriage and move out.
    I haven't yet finished our marriage. That will take place in early January. I have denied my husband any sex since his father told me he's fucking other women, but I have carried on having sex with Robby. To which he's more than happy with me setting up home alone and finishing with his, in his words "Cretin of a son".
    My new fully decorated, fully furnished apartment will be ready on the eighth of January, and by then everything will be in place for myself and my daughter to move away from my husband (He will be in our capital for three days). He can have HIS home and he can have HIS sluts, but he's not having HIS "Homebird" or HIS daughter living with him, as he enjoys extra marital sex.
    My soon to be ex husband will also learn on or around the eighth, that his father has paid for, and signed over to me alone, my new apartment out of HIS inheritance.
    Robby will continue to see his beautiful granddaughter, and he will if he wants it, still get to fuck me as much as he wants to. That was part of the deal I proposed, and one I know will absolutely piss my husband off. As for him I only found out this morning, the reason for my husband's business trip to our nations capital, is so he and a friend can meet up with, and fuck two sluts they've been fucking for two months.
    Time to move on with my life, but also time to let my husband know HIS way, isn't the only way.

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    "We married because I got pregnant, and not because I loved him"... So what the fuck do you want or expect????? No love? Your good as dead. NOW live your nightmare.

    LESSON? Think before, not after.
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    Yeah, got you a sugar daddy but you better rack up a couple more for security. Also, put back fo lawyer fees and such when husband makes it a life mission to ruin you. You are just as guilty so no sack religious role play either.
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    #1 I think the term is "Two to tango". The knobhead of a husband is far far more to blame with his attitude than the young woman he tried to treat as property. As for any legal claim, I think, actually I know, all she has to do is prove her husband was having extra marital sex, and show the courts why her father in law bought her a home. She's the winner hands down here and good for her too.....

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