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    Straight Female / 28

    Christmas day, I was knelt up half naked on the fire side rug with my father in law behind me ramming his huge cock up my soaking wet pussy. When his son, my husband walked in. We thought after all the alcohol he'd drank, and that he'd gone to bed in his old bedroom totally drunk, he'd be out for the rest of the afternoon.

    My husband slurred some incoherent words, slid down onto the floor in the doorway and fell fast asleep. My father in law slid out of my pussy, as I embarrassingly tried to cover up my lower half. But instead of helping his son back to bed, he lifted him onto the sofa, had me kneel up again and slid his cock back into my pussy.

    It was so horny being fucked only feet from my husband, I came in a series of awesome climaxes. Then had another orgasm as my father in law flooded my pussy with his hot sticky cum. By the time my husband woke up and was sober enough to talk, it had gone dark and I'd showered and was making coffee.

    He made some comment about me and his dad fooling around, but almost simultaneously his father and I told him we'd been playing twister. My husband smiled and said "Yeh, I'm not stupid you know, I knew you were".

    Maybe had I have been totally naked we would have been found out, but my husband doesn't have a clue. If he kept himself sober enough to fuck me when I'm horny. Which I have to admit is pretty much all the time. Then just maybe I wouldn't have to seek out his dad to fuck me each week.

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