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    Straight Female / 19

    I let this guy from my work fuck me in a cheap motel after the Christmas party. He is married, 42 yrs old, 4 kids, and he wants to take me to a hotel party new years eve and fuck me more. I've let him fuck me 2 evenings this week, after work, in the same cheap motel. I don't want to fuck a married man, I attribute the first time to being so drunk and he is very good looking with a super tight body despite his age. I've always had an attraction to him for some reason, he's as old as my Dad though. Once we got naked at the motel, I wasn't sure about doing it. Not sure I could, he has a really big one. I mean soft it was about 8 or 9 inches long, and a couple of inches thick. I've only let 2 boyfriends fuck me and they had nothing like this. I also had 1 one night stand who was a little bigger than my boyfriend at the time but not like Tom from the office. I was actually afraid of Toms cock. When sucked he got probably over 10 inches long and was about as thick around as a soda can is.

    He had thought in advance and brought some lube. I had no idea why he stopped at the store, I told him I was on birth control he didn't need a condom. With lube, and about 20 minutes he was inside me and slowly fucking me. I shuddered and came within 5 minutes of that, and did so again 3 times the last was at the same time I felt his sperm shooting inside me. He went another time before we left the motel.

    I'm addicted to his huge, but married cock. I don't know what to do. I've only cum occasionally from having sex, I usually have to do it myself, but he licks me down there and I orgasm so fast, and his cock is unlike anything I've ever felt. I've never seen a guy who could cum that much too, it just pours out of me. When he's in me I feel totally full to the max, and when he's out of me, all I can think about is being so empty and wanting him to fill me again. This huge thing that scared me is now all I think about.

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    Ride it for as long as you can! Just don't get pregnant. You'll have fond memories in your old age. At this point you need not worry about marriage,just fuck and save your money!
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    you lucky girl!

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