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    How I reconciled having "HER" in my life. She was my husband's girlfriend, she was not going away. He loves her.

    He still loves me, but he also loves her. And, after a very teary conversation with her, I came to understand that she loves him. And she understands that I love him. Falling in love is not within your control.

    We are 22 years apart, which makes him 26 years older than her. I made myself watch her affections, his affections. I gave him attention and affection in front of her. Getting used to showing open affection, the feelings of jealousy slowly relented, get your hug and kiss, let her have her hug and kiss.

    It was for Sunday dinner. Help me prepare dinner for the family, set the table, serve the table. If she was going to be a member of the family, she had to accept her role in the wife realm, not the girlfriend realm. Cooking, preparing and serving meals is what did the trick. She is my partner in running the home, she has her chores and responsibilities. Live with us, as a wife.

    I initiated the talk of children with her, if you love him then you want to he a mother of his children and you want him to father your children. You want to be a wife. That is what I told her. Be a wife. If you are going to be around, then join in, be a wife, no more girlfriend.

    Today we live in a state of symbiosis, she is now 'burdened' with children, and carries her share of responsibilities for running the home. I am free to travel with my sister. Sure I shoulder some of the burden of her child rearing, as a grandmother helps a daughter, these are children in our home. No matter what I say, I spoil her, she is my 'wife' too. That's her 'trick', she just warms your heart.

    I love her too.

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    Solid. This appears to make a man believe there are actually some broads that understand their purpose. That stated, if one is wise, they won't take the bait. The wise know that they can't be trusted anyhow; rendering this no more than a hypothesis.

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