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    Straight Male / 28

    My gf is completely vanilla when it comes to sex but as I'd never had sex before meeting her it was fine but when i said anything to do with pegging or guys wearing panties she would say that anyone who does that is just gay, in denial and would never want to be with someone like that.

    To add to this sfew years into dating my gf developed contamination OCD and germaphobia meaning even vanilla sex almost never happens. She's so depressed about her OCD that she doesn't get out of bed till 11am at earliest and takes 6 hrs to get ready including cleaning all the things that are imaginairaly dirty and then proceeds to screem at me for several hrs about how her day is just getting started and how for going to sleep after cooking dinner for both of us im inconsiderate and do nothing for her at which point i give in and get up follow her out somewhere before comming back to the apartment where she start yelling and screeminh again because i touched a plant or something and refuse to go for a shower or wipe myself down with antibacterial wipes and put my clothes to wash thereby in her mind making the whole aparment dirty. Finally when she is too exaushed to keep fighting i go to sleep for an hour or two before getting up for work while she spands the next 2 to 4 hrs getting ready for bed. Then when i come home tried af again she days she doesn't get why im always tired since i go to slrep before her and she's no even sleepy yet, straight up ignoring that i went yo sleep at 4 got up at 7 and worked 8 hrs while she slept a good 6 - 8 hrs and is just fininshing her 2.5 hr shower at which point we repeat the above saga all over again.

    This pretty much dashes any hopes of any sex at all letalone exploring any fetishes. And I'm at the point where im so sexually frustrated that I'm on the edge of looking for someone on the side who can go more than 5min without using antibacterial wipes or washing hands to hangout with and who woyld occasionally forced me in to panties and a chastity device then peg me while laughing at my dick and making me beg for more.

    It would be so easy i already take off on my days off while my gf gets ready so i can be out during the day since she almost never gets out before dark... i think its been 2 weeks since she last saw the sun.

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    way past time to move on to a new relationship.
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    You're a pathetic excuse for a human being, you disease infested, rhinoceros pizzle.
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    Doesn't sound like a good situation to be in. Situation you should not be in. Is beyond complete breakdown already. As it sounds to me.
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    Move on.
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    She's just a girlfriend, why are you still with her? Sorry to hear all this shit and really sorry she has to go through all of it. OCD is terrible and nobody should have to go through it. Hope she gets help and can get past it. Meanwhile, what kind of commitment as you stuck for with her? Is she going to blackmail and extort you over something? Do you have a kid with her? While it may be very noble for you to stick with her, I doesn't seem like a good situation for you. Just a one way relationship here which as far as you are concerned is no relationship. If you don't plan on leaving her find a second job to at least get yourself out of there at night. But seriously dude, you should tow should call it quits and move on. She should move back home and get the help she needs. Then hopefully better days lie ahead for you both although not necessarily with each other.
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