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    Straight Male / 42

    I have a 21 y/o daughter, who I fantasize about as I masterbate.

    My fantasy is to dress her up like a school girl and then fuck her.

    2 years ago, when she was 19, I caught her in a compromising situation. I wish I had used that opportunity to blackmail her into fulfilling my fantasy.

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    Really. You are nothing but a rapist.

    If you can't get pussy who would also love to fuck you, then you are also a loser.

    A wannabe rapist and a certified loser. You must be so proud of your miserable life.
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    I agree with #1. Why would anyone do such a thing? No matter how pretty she is, you just don't do that shit!
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    sick fuck!
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    Don't agree with the blackmailing thing at all, but admit..Not my 21 year old niece, but her long-time friend (now ex-friend, as they don't speak anymore) as sometimes a focus of a bit of self-pleasure. I always knew she'd be a gorgeous hottie when she got older, and I was correct. Chatted with her online, then met for quick drink when she was in for her college break. Took one look at her, in a tight, cropped sweater, with an open oval in front that showed off her bulging-out tits, and bottom of the crop that teasingly exhibited her cute, innie navel, and thought..Goddam..Look at her! Sexy, beaming smile, so damn hot.. My mind was flying with thoughts about things to DO to her..
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    Imagination is normal everywhere. Carrying it out in life is NOT normal.
    We have never told each other but I can tell that both my sister and I imagine
    fucking each other's brains out.

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