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    Straight Female / 31

    Over a twelve hour period in between Christmas and New year, I had sex with three different men, one of whom fucked me twice and it wasn't my husband.

    My husband and I had sex in the morning, with him giving me a "quickie" after I'd sucked his cock, before he went to watch a football match. Then around lunch time his uncle Andy called round once I'd text him to call by. We've been having sex ever since I discovered he's extremely well endowed. I quizzed him about his size during a party at our home one night in March last year and we ended up having sex in our back bedroom, with his nephew preparing some food downstairs.

    Andy had me sucking on his massive cock, then fucked me as my husbands football club kicked off. And we were still having sex well into the second half. Andy then stayed afterwards, something he's hardly ever done. So when my husband got home from his game, he and Andy finished off a bottle of whisky my husband got as a present. Only my husband fell asleep leaving Andy to strip me in the kitchen and lick out my pussy as I leaned over the table. When Andy entered me from behind, I turned my head and noticed a young neighbour of ours staring at us having sex from his bedroom window.

    I've known Josh since he was fourteen, he's now nineteen and a very good looking young man. I also knew as Andy carried on pounding away at my pussy, he and my husband often talked about football at the gym, where my husband works and Josh works out. Andy eventually pulled out of my pussy and came all over my arse cheeks, as I stared in Josh's direction, orgsming as I usually do when Andy's cock has been deep inside my pussy. With Andy's cum spurting all over me, Josh waved at me and smiled.

    Andy left about half an hour later, and I took a quick shower. But all I could thnk about was, would Josh say anything to my husband about seeing me fucking another man. Fearing her might, I got dressed and walked the hundred or so yards around to Josh's parents house. Before I even got the gate, Josh was out and walking down his path. Asking me in a very bold way if I was there to persuade him not to say nothing, I didn't get the chance to say anything in reply before Josh said "Suck me off and I can't say anything".

    It was blackmail, but I was so turned on by the thought of giving the young man a blow job, we ended up walking to the side of his parents house, and on down to the canal that passes by their home. In the near total darkness I squatted down, unleashed his rock hard cock and gave that young man the best blow job, I believe I've ever given anyone.

    When Josh came flooding my mouth, holding the back of my head, I swallowed every drop willingly and loved the taste and feel of his cum sliding down my throat. Standing up, I did something I hoped would seal our secret. I kissed him hard and let him play with my pussy after he'd slid his hand into my jeans. Unbuttoning them to give him easier access, we continued to kiss and he began to rub my clit with two fingers. It wasn't long before I climaxed on his hand and almost swallowed his tongue, sucking it hard as he slid it into my mouth.

    My husband had just awoken when I walked back in and asked where I'd been. I told him I'd been out to post a belated Christmas card to a another neighbour of ours, who my husband hates. He shrugged his shoulders and drank the remainder of what was left in his whisky glass.

    Andy and I haven't had sex again since, but he has been here to help his nephew move some things to the tip. However Josh and I have had oral sex again, only it was he who gave me oral sex on the very same kitchen table he watched Andy licking me out on. We haven't fucked yet, but it's only a matter of time until I get to feel that young mans cock sliding up my pussy, or if he'd like to, up my eager arsehole.

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    Does Josh drink pinapple juice so as to impart good taste to his semen?Smart boy,but he should have been smarter by fucking you there and then as also coercing you to let him repeat the great act as and when he wanted till he does not want to have you.
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    Just a suck?
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