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    Bi-Sexual Female / 27

    As a freshman in college I went to a party with five other girls. I had my nose rubbed into this other girl's crotch. Everyone laughed, she opened her legs so that I could really get my nose into her, I could smell and taste her pussy through her panties. Everyone was laughing and taunting except her and me. Maybe it was because everyone was looking at us, her pussy was sweating heavily, her smell got a lot stronger and I got sweaty wet. After I got up, it was like an awkward smile at her and she closed her legs. All I said, was something like 'OK next', and one of the girls was hauled down and given a dick to suck.

    I went to the restroom and the girl I had gone 'down' on followed me into the restroom. We talked, she told me she had never been eaten like that before, I reminded her that I had not eaten her. She kissed me and grabbed my boob and asked me if I liked that. I told her it was 'OK'. She kissed me again until I told her that yes I liked that but that didn't mean that I wanted to eat her. She asked me how I knew, for us to go up to a bedroom and I could eat her and see if I liked it. She kissed me again and this time ran her hand down to my crotch and felt me up. She looked at me square on and told me she knew I was a girl who liked pussy because any normal girl would have fought to get her nose out of there, not leaned in.

    I ate pussy that night, with all the trimmings. I could not believe how horny it made me and how willing I was to let her eat me. I got turned on even further by what she called breast play, which was basically just handling our breasts and kissing and sucking nipples, and mouth kissing in between.

    We went on to have a long term relationship, pretty much until we graduated from college. I got married out of fear of being alone and not being able to support myself, she stayed in the LGBT community. It doesn't take much for her to get me doing what we like. I have never been with another woman. She has but doesn't want to be, she says the sex is unfulfilling. I guess that means that I am cheating on my husband, because we get together quite often. I am a stay at home mom and she works hospital hours, so she is generally free one day a week or in the morning or afternoon depending on her schedule.

    There are so many nurses where she works, and some are truly very pretty girls. But she wants the real thing which is me. Of course I want her, you don't stay together for almost four years not dating anyone else if you are not in love with them. I know the difference, I sort of love my husband, but not in the same way, I don't have the feelings for him that I have for her.

    Am I bisexual, I don't know. I enjoy sex with my husband but it is not as fulfilling as spending time with her. That much I know, I would rather spend an hour with a cup of coffee with her than some night out at a dance club with my husband. Every morning when I wake up I am thinking of her and every night before I got to sleep I send her a 'kiss' and tell her I love her in my head. We are careful with our texts or emails, but not careful at all when we get together. My kids are two and four and don't know that while they are at daycare mommy is spending quality time with her girlfriend. If only I could not want her so badly, but I have always wanted her since we met at that party.

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    I was going to say that perhaps you are poly-amorous, but that would mean that you enjoyed both your husband and female lover equally. I feel for you, it sounds like a difficult situation. At least you have some opportunity to be together and continue your relationship.

    Have you ever considered discussing your relationship with your husband? You would likely have to edit its origins and/or intensity, so as not to come across as too threatening. I hope you're able to make it work, it sounds tough.

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